Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer of the Pop Up

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We got tired of sitting inside so we loaded up the jogging stroller with books, toys, and jssssssssss (juice. duh.) and walked to the store for a treat. Do you guys remember Pop Ups? With their Flinstone characters and that cardboard tube that you always end up eating no matter how careful you are? I used to love those things! I had actually forgotten all about them until we were in the gas station looking for the promised "treat".

Henry ate the entire thing on the walk home and played with the tube for another 10 minutes (quiet time WIN!) His face and the sink were stained bright orange even after scrubbing them twice and I had to wash his entire stroller padding but it was worth it. I'll never get tired of watching him enjoy things for the first time, especially when they are things that I used to love when I was little.

Um, so I just Googled "Pop Ups" and did you know that they make things like "Fear Factor Pop Ups" with eyeball gum and fake blood? Henry's childhood is apparently going to be way cooler than mine was.

We're hanging out with Grandma Zoe this weekend so sorry if I'm on and off with the blogging for a bit. We're having too much fun and it's only day one, it's so nice having family around.
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