Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost Two. Funnnnnnn.


"Almost two" is a fun age but it's also incredibly challenging. We have good days and we have really bad days and at this point I can't tell if it's Henry being extra bad or me lacking patience. Maybe it's a combination of both? On one hand things are easier because for the most part he can tell me what he wants but on the other, he gets easily frustrated when he OMG doesn't get everything the second he asks for it. He can be totally sweet one moment and then be screaming on the floor, flailing his arms to hit me the next. I'm hiding out in my bedroom, about ripping my hair out today and it's only 10am.

My friend Deanna said that we're entering a pretty fun stage with Henry and I do sense that. We're able to do a lot more and there's nothing cuter than coming home from school to a "Mama hommmme!" and baby kisses. I just need to figure out how to teach him patience and work on getting some myself. I'm sure my frustration doesn't encourage awesome behavior from him either.
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