Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grandma ZO!

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We had a lot of fun with Garrison's mom last weekend. Henry and I drove three hours south to Palm City, Florida to pick her up and spent the night in the hotel ohmywordthankgod because driving long distances with Henry isn't very enjoyable anymore. I love continental breakfasts with Henry because I can test out every type of breakfast food to see what he likes/doesn't like for future meals at home. And of course whatever he doesn't eat I have to finish because you's not good to waste food and stuff. So my breakfast consisted of: one yogurt, 2 muffins, 1/2 toasted bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam, one banana, 1/2 waffle with syrup, frosted flakes, an orange, and a pastry BECAUSE HENRY NEVER EATS ANYTHING. Seriously, there's so much wasted food around is he still alive?

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Garrison's mom is lucky that her name is the same as one of Henry's favorite Sesame Street characters: Zoe. By the end of the weekend, he was easily saying, "I wannnnt ZO!" or wandering from room to room saying, "ZO! ZO! ZO!" In school we talked about how kids learn easily by associating new concepts with things they already understand. I like to think that Henry first practiced seeing Grandma Zoe like this in order to learn her name:


We took ZO to the beach even though a storm was headed our way. Henry likes to sit in his little chair the entire time and is totally manageable and relaxed there so it's like we get a break too.

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HAHAHAHA NOT! This is more like how it goes. This kid has no fear! Of anything!

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Have you ever seen a farmer's tan on someone's legs before? I think I've just invented a new one, I'll call it the "my shorts are this short" tan.

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At dinner while I wasn't paying attention, Henry put every onion from my salad onto his chubby wrists. He'd be really good on Project Runway when they have to create a look using things on hand. He's soooo into fashion!

We miss you Zoe!
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