Tuesday, August 16, 2011

first day of school

henry at my new school

I started grad school yesterday and I started it off with a real bang. I figure, why make things easy when I can do them in the most frustrating way possible? I signed into my email address only to find out that my online class started a week ago and today discovered that the only pages missing from my $80 book are the ones I need for my first writing assignment (due in less than a week). Despite all of these setbacks, I think this new thing is going to be so great.

Last night in class I realized for the first time in two years I just how much my social skills have declined. I'm super confident when I have Henry hanging off of my hip becuase, you know, if it gets awkward I can be like, "Ooooh! Henry, what? That's cute, do that Cookie Monster impression again....Haha, isn't he just the funniest? {GRIN}" Because adults really like that, right? Now that I'm on my own I'm awkward, it's like an interesting and key piece of me is missing. Doing this is going to be a really good thing for me.

I'm having a hard time balancing all this right now but I remember feeling that way at the beginning of every semester in undergrad and oh yeah, I totally didn't have a BABY then. Luckily our gym has a daycare that Henry kind of likes to go to so today I got all nerdy and read an entire chapter in an hour (or 6.5 miles). What's up, multitasking!?

Because some of you have asked...I'm going to school to get my Master of Arts in Teaching: Early Childhood Education degree. I will be certified to teach preK-5th grade in less than two years. I'm taking two night classes and one online class so Garrison gets to hang out with Henry two nights a week.

Okay, now here are some cute pictures of H...I know that's the whole reason you're here anyway (don't lie). This one is making me laugh so hard right now:



storm watching on the front porch

"do ya like seefood?"

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