Monday, January 11, 2010

Growing Up.

Remember this video? Little baby was only twelve weeks old. TWELVE WEEKS! At the moment that seemed so old to me. Seeing him here for the first time ever I remember thinking to myself, "Wow. I'm already twelve weeks along?" Now looking back, twelve weeks seems like such a dinky little number.

I had my 40 weeks appointment today. Now when I walk across the parking lot and take the elevator up to room 202 I rub my belly and say, "Well, Henry this could be it. This could be your last appointment here in my belly." It makes me both sad and anxious at the same time.

A cervix check today (hooray for getting over your worst fears!!) showed that I am not dilated or effaced at all. Nothing. But what about all of those stomach aches that wake me up at four in the morning? What about the lower abdomen pressure? The twinges of pain running down my back? What about the upset stomach? I guess it's time to break out the raspberry tea, hot sauce, and pineapple.

I stopped by Subway after my appointment because I promised myself I could have a sub with chips AND a soda if I allowed my doctor to check for dilation. Apparently bribing myself with food is an A+ plan. While I was ordering my much deserved lunch, a group of people came in surrounding a moaning and very uncomfortable woman. She was having pretty serious contractions and they all wanted to get some food before she checked into the hospital. I felt so bad for her, she ordered two cookies (that I seriously doubt she will feel like eating) while the woman with her ordered a pizza and two subs. The friend kept talking about how it was really her who needed the food, because she knew that her friend's labor was going to be a long one. The pregnant girl's older brother danced around her, saying, "Get up and walk! Don't sit down, keep walking. Stand! Stand! Oooooh, you're gonna make me an Uncle! Oooooh!" and then he would hold up his camera phone and say, "Smile! Come on! Smile!" It was cute how squirrely and excited he was about the whole situation. Between deep breaths, "Oh gaaaah this huuurrrts", and white knuckled table grabbing she'd yell, "Shuuuut up! Stoppppp, plllleeease!" She was not finding it so cute.

I started wondering how I'll act during labor. I hope I don't turn into one of those witchy monster women you always hear about. It reminded me of a conversation G and I had the other night:

G: (Dancing around the room and karate kicking books across the living room while singing songs about speed skating)
Me: Do you think I'll find these jokes as funny when I'm in labor? Or do you think they will upset me?
G: (Rapping about himself. Still dancing.)
Me: What do you think? I hear people get aggravated pretty easily during the last stages...
G: (Stops rapping. Still dancing) What did you ask me?

Oh boy. :-D

I wished the lady lots of luck and told her she's going to do so great and then left Subway secretly hoping that her situation was contagious. Hoping that maybe I'll be one of those women who dialates over night and then begins labor the next day.


Kelly said...

That is so funny! Man, I wish that I had seen that!!!(the scene in Subway...although karate kickin' Garrison would be pretty awesome too!)

Anonymous said...

hee hee! thats funny allie! i love ya SO much! The Ross Family is praying for you!!! We love you


Jamie said...

good luck! it sucks at the end, but hang in there.

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