Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Picture Update.

G fixing his guitar.

** Bunz update: B the cat is doing so much better after her surgery! There was a point where I thought she'd never heal and I was kicking myself for having to take her in to the vet soooo many times. She's still just as awful and moody towards everyone, just without claws to back up the attitude now. I think she can sense that the baby is coming so soon because she has been very affectionate towards us and will not leave my legs and stomach at night when we sleep. Also, she's into and on top of everything we are doing:

B wants to go to the hospital in our bag!

Trying out the new carseat.

Craft box cat.

Here is (sadly) one of the last preggo pictures of me. I'm going to miss having this little guy inside my belly, I already wish it all wasn't ending so soon.

39 Weeks!!


zoemarr said...

Guess what Allie? I do believe you have droppe! It won't be long now...

emily bilbrey said...

lady! you look SO CUTE! that belly looks fake, in the most adorable way! congrats on 39 weeks - my little nugget only made it to 37 (she was totally healthy tho.) i honestly wanted to stay pregnant. i had a great time nesting and dressing up in things that showed off my big belly - looks like you're having a lot of fun getting ready for baby to come!

best of luck in your last weeks as a mama-to-be! i promise, that little one will bring amazing amounts of joy and love into your home.

can't wait to see what comes next. i'll be reading! cheers! (:

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Go allie!! I'm SO exited for you!! I can't wait to see LOTS of pics. of the baby!!! Make sure you post TONS

Love ya


Jamie said...

you look lovely!

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