Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Closer???

My stomach has been sore all morning. It's like an upset stomach but a little more intense. My mind has allowed me to become a little more at ease with the idea of labor and having this baby so maybe it's time my body follows its lead. I had my 39 weeks appointment yesterday and the news is still the same, although I won't let them check my cervix because I was a big boo-hoo baby again. Because I freaked out, we really have no idea of telling whether I'm even dilated or not. Apparently though you could be dilated at small centimeters weeks before your delivery and even still go past your due date, so it's really not all that necessary that they determine where I'm at anyway. The doctors probably should not have told me that this nasty procedure is uneccessary (combined with telling me that it will hurt too). I think if they had been like, "Look lady. We HAVE to do this. It might hurt, it might not. But we HAVE to do it" and then slapped me in the face or something, then maybe I would have been able to suck it up and quit being such a wuss. Instead yesterday I was more of a pain then a three year old receiving vaccinations. My doctor is probably questioning her career choice.

I at least am beginning to feel like the end is getting near today for the first time ever. I have never appreciated such stomach pain before and am getting pretty anxious and excited. Go baby, go!


Kelly said...

Remember Allie, this is YOUR labor, so make those doctors and nurses earn their money!!!!

emily bilbrey said...

oh, don't feel bad about skipping out on the check, dear! it's your body, and unfortunately during your labor/postnatal care there will be times you'll have to consent to a good deal of discomfort. so i totally understand keeping the invasions to a minimum! besides, if you're having effective contractions (and therefor dilating), you'll know it. not really any need to obsess in the meantime! (:

can i offer up a little nugget of first-time-mama wisdom? when i was in the hospital in labor with poppy, i tried really hard to be the world's best patient - i didn't want to "bother" the staff, and i held back on being honest about some things that made me uncomfortable. now i wish i'd been more open - asked for things that might have helped my labor be smoother. i just want to say that when the time to have baby comes, don't be shy about being your own advocate! have your husband speak for you if you're feeling tense or hesitant. you deserve to have the best experience possible when your little one arrives!

oh, and don't forget comfy slippers and music for your trip! if you have to walk to get your labor going, those things really help! (;

best of luck, dear! you're doing a great job!

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