Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goodbyes and Birthday Cats.

Tonight, it really hit me for the first time that I'm leaving these kids in less than two months. I've been all tough-cookie lately, mostly because I'm so excited about this next adventure in our lives together. But today I couldn't stop watching the things these kids do while thinking about how lucky I've been to know them...and how much I'm going to miss these goofy guys. Today little C was dancing to the Enchanted soundtrack all around the living room, practically tripping over her own feet every time she spun around. And all the way home from the park we sang Shins songs at the top of our lungs...

Tonight I put them to bed and as I was singing the lullaby songs that C likes, I got all choked up out of nowhere. Emotionally this is going to be a weird month and a half.

Little Bunz Olsen turned three today...which also means that G and I have known each other for almost three and a half years!! When I first met him, I had just found out that Jemini (my college cat) was pregnant with the kitties. Two months later Bunz and her brothers/sisters were born and G started coming over to "see the kittens". Not long after that, his band started practicing in our basement on a regular basis...and well, three years later and here we are!

Three years ago I met our little friend Brooklyn as well. She came over a lot to see the kitties and we ended up taking care of her as much as we could. For all those wondering, she is living in Minnesota with her Grandma. She goes to school now and has a regular bedtime and the life of a seven year old (finally!)

And yes, I do realize it is really weird that I date so much by our cat's birthday. And the picture below probably doesn't help clear my cat-lady status too much either. Mom, this stuff probably doesn't surprise you a whole bunch by now.

We didn't do anything for her birthday, if that makes me any less of a cat freak. I tossed a couple of cat treats at her and bought a bottle of wine and ice cream for me and G. Yesterday when I was vacuuming, I sucked up two of her favorite toys, so I'll probably buy some more tomorrow and call it a birthday gift so that I don't feel too guilty (now there's the cat lady you all know!!)

If we could get the whole fam together again, I bet they'd all be celebrating a little like this:


Amy Gibson said...

allie, that is awesome.
wow... i feel like i date so much by those cats too. here in china, it strange to me how often i talk about jemini and bunz and tompers. you're the best cat lady i know.

Kelly said...

All I can think about is you around the age of 13, tall and thin as a rail, with your cat jumper on! Ooooohhh, so cute! Those were the days...

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