Thursday, April 30, 2009

Even in the City.....

I thought yards like this only existed in the Northwest.... but I pass this awesome one on my way home from work.

1. Precious Moments children bathing together
2. Tony the Tiger pinwheel
3. GIANT champagne bottle
4. That one annoying chick from Sex in the City
5. Old baby bottle, filled with dirt
6. Dora the Explorer sippie cup and kids toy
7. Plastic cactus
8. Fisher Price baby pony
9. Various kid sized crocs
10. Adult male leather sandal
11. Airplane bottle of Southern Comfort
12. Sun bathing pig
13. Hunter S. Thompson style ceramic flamingo

Not pictured: GIANT plastic hand holding a baby bottle, collection of Thomas the Engine trains, child's dump truck carrying plastic eggs, collection of wine bottles.


Kelly said...

WOW! It's like where's Waldo?!

Carrie said...

When are you guys leaving for GA?

My Matthew is moving to Chicago right now. Moving, moving everywhere.

Seriously give a call when your South bound.

Brad said...

Or a page out of those "I Spy" books...

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