Friday, February 27, 2009


Punk'd just came on TV... I didn't even know they aired that show anymore. I guess staying up way later than I should is totally worth it.

Songs That Make Me Happy Right Now:
1. Carousel- Blink 182
2. Let My Love Open the Door- Pete Townsend
3. Holiday Road- Lindsay Buckingham
4. Dance Music- Mountain Goats
5. Got Your Money- ODB
6. All For Swinging You Around- New Pornographers
7. Angelina- The Roman Candles
8. Get Me Away From Here- Belle and Sebastian
9.Oh Yoko!- John Lennon
10. The Clapping Song- Shirley Ellis
11. Happiness Writes White- Harvey Danger
12. Think I'd Rather Die- Someone Still Loves You Boris
13. You and Me and the Moon- The Magnetic Fields
14. The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
15. High and Dry- Radio Head
16. Wild Pack of Family Dogs- Modest Mouse
17. Semi Charmed Life- Third Eye Blind
18. True Blue- Bright Eyes
19. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk- Rufus Wainwright
20. Yakety Yak- The Coasters
21. How Bizarre- OMC

Also, THIS:

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