Friday, February 20, 2009


I can finally relax because...I PASSED MY ENTRANCE TEST FOR SCHOOLS!!! I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was (all day) about checking the scores for this stupid thing. I wasn't even planning on checking for myself I was so scared. Maybe it's a little bad-movie/sitcom-ish of me but I was honestly going to open my e-mail from the testing agency, get my registration code, enter it into the score report site and then have Garrison break the news to me. I got home from a long day at work, having prepared myself for the worst the whole walk back and signed into my Yahoo account. I opened the e-mail and scrolled down for the registration code and instead read: PASS. First of all, how devastating would it have been unknowingly to open that same e-mail and read: FAIL. Second, how awesome am I right now? I passed that test with a cold, at seven in the morning, on two hours of sleep. And I didn't just barely pass...I really passed. Because of these scores I don't have to take another stupid entrance test for ten more years and all of my applications that I have spent the last three months perfecting actually have a shot at counting towards something.

This winter has put me in a good music mood and I have been listening to albums I practically forgot existed until now. Artists I can't get enough of right now: Mountain Goats (have you heard No Children?!), Neil Diamond, Neko Case, Blink-182 (Carousel), Procol Harum (Whiter Shade of Pale), and Hall and Oates particularly "You Make My Dreams Come True"...Who knew those guys had so many hits?

I just found out today that Megan and Lindsey are coming to stay with us during the last week of March. I am so excited to show them around Chicago and finally get to spend more than three days at a time with them. I think I'll probably drag them to the remainder of Chicago tourist spots that I have yet to see. A few days ago G and I were talking about how funny it is that the only time we get out and take advantage of everything the city has to offer is whenever we have people staying with us. If it wasn't for visitors, we would probably never eat deep dish pizza, spend any amount of time at Navy Pier, or visit the sky deck of the Sear's Tower. You'd think living in such a big city we would have made it our priority to see all of the tourist-y things...I think that everything happens in good time and with lots of extra money :-)

Speaking of extra money...Elton John and Billy Joel are playing in July at Wrigley Field. Already sold out, but what a show that would be.
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