Thursday, February 19, 2009


While I'm still on this's another one for you:

Things Chicago Has Taught Me:

1. To appreciate how beautiful and green Washington state is.
2. Ways to handle below 0 winters
3. Don't keep filling your apartment with new things, especially when your whole apartment is
smaller than your kitchen and living room in college.
4. How to be better at using my phone to call family
5. Cherish the moments you get to spend with family
6. How to be more outgoing and care less about what others think
7. Some homeless people aren't as innocent as they look
8. Don't look up when a car honks, it's most likely a taxi trying to get you to hop in
9. Taxi drivers will rip you off AND they hate it when you pay with credit cards
10. How to find good deals on really good food
11. Whole Foods sucks
12. To keep windows shut if you live up high and have cats
13. How to ride a bike again
14. How to get around without having to use a car (yay!)
15. How to use public transportation such as trains and buses
16. Nothing is as beautiful as west coast beaches and mountains
17. To take chances and risks
18. Jimmy John's sandwiches are so good
19. How to be productive and pursue my dreams
20. That I am right more than I give myself credit for
21. Chicago libraries charge $2.00 a day for overdue movies
22. Red Box movie booths are the best way to rent movies
23. The police on our neighborhood are lazy and love 7-11
24. People love sports in our neighborhood (Lincoln Park)
25. The best bars to get cheap dinners
26. How to fix bike brakes
27. Where the three most beautiful spots in Chicago are

Last night I was watching Friends as I was trying to fall asleep and it occurred to me that the intro to that show is really annoying. It's not the song, surprisingly after hearing it so much in the 90s I still kind of like it. What it is is the way they fit the video to the song. I don't know if I can quite explain it, but I'll try. Have you ever watched movie previews that try to fit a quote from the movie into the announcers script? Like the announcer says, "BLANK movie is the best movie you will see in 2009..." and then they show a clip from the movie where one of the characters is saying, "Awesome!" (Although, in the actual movie they think something totally not related is "awesome!") For some reason this has always bugged me a lot. Friends does this same exact thing, except much worse because they try to cram about seven of these into a 40 second intro. The best example of this annoyance happens during a part of the song that sounds like a drum machine hitting five beats in a row. During those beats Chandler is hitting Monica on the head with drum sticks. So cheesy, what's the point?!

Things to notice in the video below:
1.The timing of opening their umbrellas
2.The CLAPPING that fits in perfectly with drum beats around the 8 second mark
3.What Monica and Chandler are doing during "It's like your always stuck in second gear" (notice the Phoebe's train whistle move)
4.Joey pointing to himself when the song says, "I'll be here for you..."
5.Placement of clip where Rachel's working her job at the coffee shop

There are just so many. Yuck. I Hope this starts bugging you too.

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