Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Weekend and Home Improvement (sry, no tim allen)

gwenbirthday 238

Henry took a business call at breakfast this morning. I think it was real important he told Elmo that he ate a whole slice of french toast and half of a biscuit in under half an hour. Henry has semi-molars now so chewing is NBD and he takes full advantage of it. We ate breakfast at this new 50's diner we've been eying for about a month.

gwenbirthday 235

After breakfast we took Henry to PetSmart and let him look at all of the fish, dogs, hamsters, and gerbils. It was like a free zoo you guys. I only took a few pictures because apparently you aren't allowed to do that there.

gwenbirthday 243

gwenbirthday 242

gwenbirthday 241

gwenbirthday 254

This is a necklace my aunt gave me for my birthday. I love it so much, it's silly but I seriously sit there and stare at it for an awkward amount of time. It was made by one of the art students here, which makes it even more special. This is one of my favorite new dresses:

gwenbirthday 259

gwenbirthday 245

We stopped by our old house to pick up a bin we accidentally left behind. I tried peeking in some of the windows but the blinds were all closed. I was able to reach my camera up to the living room window and snap this picture. When I loaded it onto my computer I got all sad about the move again. That blue? That was Henry's room. That burn mark on the floor in the living room? He read books on that. Played on it. Learned to crawl and then walk right over it as the months passed us by. That house was good to us. Going back I felt like we didn't belong there anymore....locked out and forced to move on just. like. that. I sat on the porch for a few minutes and tried to soak in every sweet memory I could.

BUT our new house is coming together which makes today's experience a little easier to swallow. These pictures are all from our new place:

gwenbirthday 253
painted frame (the same blue from henry's old room)

gwenbirthday 246
our new dresser! i've never loved a piece of furniture until i saw this.

gwenbirthday 252
encouraging henry to become a novelist by putting the shelves at his level

gwenbirthday 250

gwenbirthday 249
garrison found these creepy head guys for the record player table

gwenbirthday 251
we framed our washington state flag for a little taste of home over the fireplace.

gwenbirthday 258
mama and baby take a break on the new porch!

gwenbirthday 237

later sk8tr

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