Thursday, June 23, 2011

New House or Moving Really Sucks.

gwenbirthday 193

Henry likes his new house. He has a lot more room to run around and a lot more things to explore and get into (dishwasher! stove knobs!) I'm not going to lie though, this move has been hard on all of us. Garrison and I are both so freaking stubborn that we're bickering over how things should be done, where things should go, etc. UGH and the only time Henry isn't getting into something is when he's sleeping.

I can't wait until everything is in its place and we can sit on the couch and truly enjoy this new opportunity for our little family. Because even if can't see eye to eye on where to put the couch, we both agree that this place is pretty perfect.

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gwenbirthday 191

gwenbirthday 196

d Sid the Science Kid, a close second behind Caillou under the "Most Annoying Kid's Show" list.

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