Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day #2! #2! #2!

gwenbirthday 204

I think Garrison had a pretty good Father's Day. We let him sleep in and went to the store to get stuff for breakfast. We had a huge lightning storm the night before that blew the fuses to our fridge and stove so we had to get a little creative. I even considered getting takeout and putting it on a plate all like, "Good morrrrning babe, look what I cooked for you!" (My dad totally did this to my mom once....with MCDONALDS). Instead we got fresh raspberries, pound cake, and whip cream. Henry brought Garrison his gift and helped him open it. Actually Henry opened it for Garrison, isn't that nice?

While I was taking this picture I was amazed at how grown up he looks ::sigh::

gwenbirthday 200

gwenbirthday 202

gwenbirthday 201
raspberry fingers

gwenbirthday 205

We all took a big nap and then Henry poked the cat for ten minutes. When he was done and the Bunz was all pissed, we left for the beach.

gwenbirthday 207

gwenbirthday 206

gwenbirthday 208

We didn't last long at the beach because the ocean was full of jellyfish. Also it was really windy and the sand kept whipping against Henry's back and he kinda hated it. Garrison chose this restaurant on the beach for dinner and we had a good time listening to a band and eating burgers on a deck overlooking the Atlantic.

gwenbirthday 209

gwenbirthday 212
he kept putting this lid on his head and dancing

gwenbirthday 210
not our ashtray, ok?

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