Monday, June 27, 2011


gwenbirthday 228

We're entering toddlerhood head on and fast as a bullet. It's challenging/It's fun. I can't really explain it with words but this picture does a pretty good job & lucky for us we'll never have to buy another toy as long as these cabinets are unlocked and these spices remain.

This picture is totally unrelated but I'm feeling incredibly nostalgic for the old days this week. Actually, I guess in a small way it is related because the older Henry gets the further from the past I feel. I miss my friends. I miss that room. I miss the Bellingham rain. If any old friends even read this, just know that I'm probably thinking about you a ridiculous amount these days. I hope with everything inside me that you are all happy and well. Drink a beer at the Horseshoe for me, okay? Thanks.

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