Friday, April 15, 2011

pictures from an awesome weekend

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This weekend is going to be fun, but we'd have to win the lottery and a trip home to beat last weekend. The sun was out and we were productive, I feel like we did so much in just two days. I love taking Henry out, I seriously eat up all of the googly eyes and head rubs he receives from grandparents and moms to be. OH! and he has started waving at everyone and expects a wave in return. If he doesn't get it he'll desperately flail his arm around until they notice.

IMG_9961 IMG_9953

I found a new dress that I really love at F21 and Henry wore his new shirt (our favorite!) for the first time. Our friend Heidi made it for him, it's a screen printed photo of her dog that she took & edited. Have you met Heidi yet? You should because she rules.

On Friday we took Henry to a BBQ restaurant we love and stayed out late listening to the live band.Align Center

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We made this mess!

henryone 114

On Saturday we walked to our favorite bakery for coffee and cupcakes and then stopped by a thrift store, art gallery, and new antique shop.

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On Sunday Garrison went on a bike ride and Henry and I played on the porch, drawing with chalk (he mostly eats it...we're working on it) and playing this really fun game where he throws crap off of the porch and says, "Uh-oh, Nooo Nooo!" until I pick it all up.

henryone 141 henryone 150

When Garrison got back from his ride we took Hen to the water park a few blocks from our house and let him go crazy. Kid loves water, although it takes him a while to get comfortable with it. He's walking so well now, I can just let him go and follow him around with a juice cup and handful of toys he's dropped all over the park like a cool mom.

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I used to get so sad thinking that Henry would grow up and no longer be my cuddly newborn. Those are totally legit feelings but these days I'm realizing that I never should have been so worried. The older he gets the more fun we have! He's our little buddy, willing to do everything with us and we're just having a blast.

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