Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeling Better...

actually napping too...whaaat the?

Okay, does Henry read my blog when I'm not looking because holy crap, you guys? He slept eight hours straight last night, nursed quickly, and then slept another three hours. I feel like I could accomplish a bajillion things today, it's amazing what just a little bit of sleep will do for one's spirit.

The response I received from all of you concerning my post yesterday was seriously astonishing. Your love and support blew me away, and I'd be lying if I told you that every single comment didn't make me bawl like a little bitty crybaby. It is so refreshing to know that I am totally not alone in the way that I have been feeling lately. I've realized that this whole motherhood thing is nearly impossible to accomplish on your own and that thinking I could do everything (you know, like Super Mom style...) was really my downfall in the end. As much as you swear it won't, that stuff catches up to you eventually.

I learned from all of your comments and emails that every mom struggles with those horrible and scary feelings of despair at some point along this journey. I learned that seeking the support of others, making time for yourself, and admitting that you simply cannot do everything are really important and that feeling burnt out does not make me a bad mother at all. It makes me a normal mother.

I'm still in this stressed/unmotivated funk a bit, but I feel like I'm looking at it in a new light. Things are definitely looking up and a huge part of that is because of you. You all mean so much to me, thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to let me know that I'm not alone OR crazy. I just love you all.

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Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Oh yay Henry!! I'm so glad he slept well last night, you totally deserved a break! Prayin' you get of the funk soon! In the mean time - we're here to listen to you vent any time you need to! :-)

rachel said...

oh, love this photo! what did you do to edit it? glad he's sleeping! and napping! YAY for naps. I'm getting caught up on watching House right now while Charlie naps...remember when House used to be good? now it's kind of lame. : )

Gemma said...

Hey Allie

I didn't get the chance to respond to your post yesterday but wanted to add that I have felt like that. Exhaustion can do terrible things to your perspective and make everything seem a million times worse.

So glad to see this positive post today and sooooo glad you got some sleep. Sometimes I think our kids can sense when we are at rock bottom and throw is some slack.

Take care hunny.


Christine said...

YAY! to sleeping babes & to you getting some much needed rest too. The funk you're in will lift like a thick fog, there one minute so thick you can't see, then a bit of sunshine peeks through, breaks it up & the beauty of it all returns, getting over the hump is the hardest part! You are in my thoughts, hoping you have a positive energy filled day with Henry!

Heidi said...

Love you Allie.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Sometimes it's just so hard. Like today. Ruari went down for her nap 2 hours later than usual. Drove me crazy. Nap time is my me time.

Delirium said...

I love you Allie!!!

If you ever feel like screaming or need someone to vent to, you can call me anytime I am totally serious. I feel like that sometimes.


Kelly said...

Wow Allie, you have such amazing support through this blog! I wish that I had had this when raising you guys. Reading your last post brought back all of those tough days for me, too. How many times when you were growing up did you think, "wow, mom is really losing it!" and I was! Motherhood is TOUGH and sometimes it sucks. But just know that what you are doing is sooo important, because no one else can love Henry and take care of him better than you. It's true! You are an awesome momma!!!! And Henry is blessed. Be sure to tell him that when he is sassing and rolling his eyes at you 10 years from now!!!

Melissa said...

im so happy he slept!! yay!

kitten said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so much better. :)

Lil Muse Lily said...

haven't you ever heard that it takes a village to raise a baby? it's true. pass him around. get some rest. ;)
you are sweet.

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