Monday, October 25, 2010

The Pinata Post

My computer has been horribly slow lately. I think it might have a virus. This makes uploading and editing pictures nearly impossible and super frustrating. I'm working on getting that fixed so for now just imagine that this post is like a weird pinata. You're at an awesome party and you just busted it open.
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Sorry I've been mia for so long. I have spent hardly any time on the internet this weekend and holy crap, it's been great. We've had the most relaxing/awesome/fun past few days and I have so many wonderful pictures to show you but this:

has been happening around our house lately and it's leaving me very little time to accomplish much else (how long have those clothes been in the dryer?!)
Wth, Dexter season 4... don't you know I have things to do?

Here's a cute picture of Henry painting outside. Today it was 85 degrees and humid. Seriously?:

This video = so nerdy, so good. Did you know they have huge competitions around the world with these things? Did you know that I actually watched the entire video? Yikes. :

and click HERE for something equally as nerdy (and incredibly awesome. you know, if you're into geek stuff...)

This paper head costume is so great. The guy photo documented the whole process and you can see it all by clicking HERE:

I'm typing this with one hand while Henry is "nursing" which really means that he's digging his sharp toes into my armpits and screaming at my boob while trying to flip backwards off of the boppy. Charming. Nursing is just so pleasant these days....

Henry is consitpated because we've been feeding him all kinds of new finger foods. Every time he tries to poop he lays belly down on the floor with his forehead pressed against the carpet. I keep thinking he's fallen asleep but when I get closer he pops his head up and grunts with red, watery eyes. Poor baby, but in all honesty it's pretty freaking funny.

But maybe not as funny as this?:

{source unknown. help?}

I'll be back with pictures from our weekend soon. Maybe. Hopefully.
Happy Monday anyway.

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Amy Nielson said...

we just started dexter season 1... we've only watched a few & aren't quite hooked yet. i've heard you have to keep going & then it really gets good. that is so sad about henry's constipation & belly floor pooping. & hilarious. and, i love the cat sign.
good for you for taking the weekend offline... i bet it was nice :)
(PS, i couldn't get the video to work but i think it's just my computer being weird. sad face.)

Jess Craig said...

i totally stole that dexter picture. i LOVCEVEWOV FDGJSDKFHJ like i want to jump him - dexter.

jill said...

two things. i've missed you AND i freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE dexter...and henry too! ;)

alliehallmarr said...

amy: oh my, yeah. just give it some time and you'll be hooked. we're still a season behind and by now it's gotten REALLY good. fixed the video (hopefully!) have a great week :)

jess: OMGMETOO! like, sometimes I have Dexter dreams....also, they have those posters for every season!

Carrie said...

Dexter is SO good. And sugary-snack addictive.

alliehallmarr said...

jill: if we lived in WA we'd watch Dexter together!

carrie: you are so right. don't put food in front of me while dexter is on...i'll suspense eat like crazy. when you don't have baby in your belly, try it with some wine. ;)

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

We just finished ALL the Dexter's! They were fantastic. Yay!

And, I promise you I will figure out how to do that 3D head thing! I will!

Iris Flavia said...

30C - lucky you! Here I´m using glovies already! Brrr... 42F right now (morning).
Dexter? I think we don´t get that over here!

Sara said...

The song from that video will NEVER leave my head. In art school I took a kinetic sculpture class. It was basically an entire semester of building things like that.
Go on youtube and type in "der lauf der dinge" and watch some of those videos. Similar idea, but they do a lot of it with chemical reactions. Awesome stuff.

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