Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thrifted Treasures and Love Letters

The thrift stores where we live aren't the greatest, but every so often I luck out and find a few things that make me incredibly happy. I found these things this weekend and really couldn't be more in love:

A vintage story book full of 1940s-60s Golden Book bests. Just look at these beautiful illustrations! G and I both agreed that almost any drawing from this book would make the best tattoos. Look how proud a lamb looks when he's doing something constructive...who would have known?

Henry's very first musical instrument- a kid sized glockenspiel! In perfect condition, just missing one of the wooden mallets (but isn't that what chopsticks are for?)

See? Henry sized!

On Thursday I received a letter from my favorite pen pal Paige. It was really nice to open the mailbox and find something other than hospital bills from Henry's birth (are we seriously still getting those?!) I love the way she decorated this envelope.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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Moriah said...

love your thrift store finds! the ones around here around the greatest, either, but i just noticed two new ones that just opened in the area! super excited, hoping i find something worth buying! it's so fun finding stuff for your babe!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Oh, and your little photo on the side looks very cute.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Seriously some awesome finds! And, lovely letter from a pen pal. I used to love pen pals.

Paige Baker said...

I LOVE that xylophone, Allie! And seeing this letter up here makes me feel all warm inside. Although it's kind of sad to see how the tissue paper got torn up. But I'm glaaaad you liked it. I hoped you would.

Paige Baker said...

Okay, it's totally a glockenspiel and not a xylophone. Sorry about that. PS-I LOVE YOUR NEW "about" thing

jill said...

totally rad finds! i want that book! haha and the envelope from paige looks so "allie" [or what i would imagine you to be like since we've never really met!] i love it!
::running off to read the new "about" thing::

Melissa said...

What great finds!!

You always take the best pictures of Henry--love the one with the xylophone on his back. Very artistic!

~ Melissa @ Babies On The Brain

alliehallmarr said...

moriah: thanks! it is more fun thrift store hunting for a baby :) hope the new stores near you are awesome!

chelsey: thank you! i totally stole the about me picture idea from you...

paige: wanna know WHY the tissue paper is torn? henry grabbed the letter from me as i was opening the door and he ate part of it!!!!!!!!!!!

jill: yeah, the book is so great! if i had found it sooner i think h's nursery would look a little different than it does now!

melissa: you are so kind, thank you!

Paige Baker said...

HE DID NOT! Hahahah, so amazing! I love that! Be sure to tell him that that tissue paper is from England so I hope he enjoyed it!

Sabriel said...

beautiful! this is so wonderful. as are you and your precious little boy.

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