Thursday, July 8, 2010

Darling Lark and Such

Look what we just received in the mail! I'm so excited to frame this and hang it on Henry's wall, the detail is amazing and the colors will match his room so perfectly. Sara from Don't Worry Baby is seriously so talented and she will customize any letter for your child (or you). How fun! To see more of her rad artwork, check out her brand spankin new Etsy shop here.

Sara also just gave us the "Blog With Substance" award. You're supposed to list five words that sum up your blogging philosophy/motivation so here are mine:

2. Family
3. Art
4. Community
5. Self expression

Here are some awesome bloggers you should definitely check out:

Thanks Sara!


Unknown said...

My stars... that letter is FABULOUS!
I want one now sooo badly for gavin. Do you think he's too old (he turns 4 next month)? or maybe I should get one for myself because I love it that much!

jill said...

are you freaking kidding me!?! that is seriously the cutest thing ive ever seen. saw. whatever. and it even has g's tat on there too! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

alliehallmarr said...

Leah: no way is he too old! that's what i love about this drawing :) i actually think that it might be more of a meaningful keepsake the older the child is because you can ask her to put all of his interests in the letter!

jill: cute, right? she even put a bike (we love biking), a bear (henry's nickname), and musical notes all over. so special!

Katherine said...

HOLY FRACKIN CUTE. Everly may need this for her birthday.

Paige Baker said...

She is so amazing! I can't even handle it! I'm soooo glad you bought that. It. Is. Awesome.

Also, I love your 5 words! perfect.

I LOVE you!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I LOVE IT! I am off to enjoy her shop! It looks absolutely lovely!

Claudia Guerreiro said...

that is the BEST looking "H" i have ever seen. going to check out her work. i will be needing an "L".

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

Oh my hell that is soo cute!!
Dang it!! Why did you show this to me... now i'm going to have to beg james so I can get it for King. ;)

Thanks for telling people to come check out my blog! i love your blog so much too.

Emmie Bee said...

Yeah, I suppose I'll be buying a "H.T.S." combo. I wonder if she gives bulk discounts?! :)

Thank you so much for the award! You friend, are awesome.

Jess Craig said...


Anonymous said...

Allie! I'm so glad you got it! I had a blast making it for sweet little H! Thanks for the blog and etsy shout outs. You're the best!

Brittany said...

SO CUTE! I want Aidyns whole name like that! How much was it?

Melissa said...

Wow, that is INCREDIBLE! The detail is amazing, and I love the colors!

~ Melissa @ Babies on the Brain

alliehallmarr said...

Thanks for checking her etsy shop out everybody! and emily, i'm sure she'd do combos, ha ha :)

Kevin Warhus said...

This is great! I think mothers will love this. I will have to consider finding a way to incorporate this business with my company Little Butterfly Kiss. We sell baby products and accessories and i think this would be a great match. I love her style!

alliehallmarr said...

kevin! sara would be so pumped if you contacted her about this! As you can see from all the comments this piece received, people are totally interested in her drawings. it would no doubt be so good for your traffic too. WIN!

thanks for your lovely comments and for stopping by my blog! i loooove your shop, just bookmarked it!

Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

That is seriously cool.

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