Thursday, July 15, 2010


Tonight was the first time I've been okay with the thought of staying in this city for a while longer. When G accepted a new job here with a two year commitment I cried and cried and cried. But what about our family? Our friends back home? Henry will be so old by the time we are able to live close to them again!

As G and I sat in the backyard I watched the spanish moss dangling off the trees and felt at peace, a feeling I have been aching for since the day we moved here. I love my job, I love that this is the city where we first fell in love with Henry, I love that G and I are in this together. While I miss Washington like crazy, things are definitely looking up.


Dori the Giant said...

I'm happy for you.
I haven't quite found any places like that yet.

I hope things get EVEN better for you. Times twenty. Make the best of all the little things. :)

Paige Baker said...

PS-this picture is beautiful.

Paige Baker said...

This is the happiest thing I've read all day, you are such an amazing mom. I hope that wherever you are/whatever you're doing, that you are happy and focusing on the amazing love you have in your life. Whether you're in Georgia, Washington, or Saturn, as long as you have G and H (sound like a law firm) you will have the important parts. Love you tons. xoxox

Carrie said...

I've been feeling similarly about New Orleans lately. There's something incomparably special about the place you start your family in. And, as I have to keep reminding myself, it takes about 2 years in general to feel at home. I'm glad you're feeling good. (And I can't believe how much Henry has already grown!)

christina said...

Peace is a good, good thing. :)

jill said...

uumm allie you need to stop it. this post made my eyes well up with tears. ryan is always wanting to move here and there and im all, "but what about our family?" and he's like, "uh, THE THREE OF US are family. what about US?" i think it just hits close to home. before corbin was born we had these big dreams of packing up and moving to san diego [one of our most favorite cities] and we were going to live on the beach and have crappy jobs that barely paid our bills but we were so excited about it. then i got a job offer making a ton of money and we chose the job instead of our dream. now its too late to move there. i would never have the courage to leave. anyway, im so so so so so so happy you've found your peace. and i've learned that no matter where we live, even if it was a cardboard box, that i would be happy to just have ryan and corbin by my side.
sorry for the longest comment ever.

Brittany said...

I can feel you! I was so set on moving to Ia, that when I decided not to, it made me sad.. but I have realized more and more that I am where I am supposed to be! I am so happy right now! :)) I am so glad we are both becoming content!

alliehallmarr said...

dori: thank you so much. it has taken me so long to feel like this and while i'm still not counting on the feeling staying, it sure feels good for the time being.

paige: you know i just love you so much. g and h does sound like a law firm, ha! but you are so right, these two make everything alright :)

carrie: isn't it crazy how fast he's growing? i'm so glad you are starting to feel the same way about new orleans. i know once we move from here there will be so many memories that i will miss...sometimes it's hard to see that right away.

lovie's mom: agreed. such a relief!

jill: it's never too late to move! i bet the three of you will find yourselves somewhere you've always dreamed of eventually, at least i hope so. if you don't just go, you'll always wonder what would have happened if you hadn't, you know? i love your long comment, it totally makes me feel like i am not alone. for the longest time i really did feel crazy for hating this city so much. i know there will still be times when i'm not as okay with everything like i am's the "two year commitment" that makes me feel a bit better about things because since h's birth time is flying by. two years? pssssh...we'll be home SOON!

brittany: i am so happy that you are feeling at peace as well! you are closer to family now too, right? and that's got to feel SO GOOD!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I'm so happy you're feeling at peace. That really helps make your house feel like a home.

katherine said...

This is so funny because I have started feeling this way lately as well! We moved to Ct about 2 years ago and I miss Az like crazy. Lately though, we have made a few more friends, spent a few more evenings with our amazing neighbors and have been able to enjoy being outside more.

Crazy! Glad you are feeling a bit better about your state!

alliehallmarr said...

chelsey: yes, i totally agree!

katherine: i'm so glad you are feeling it too, it's really hard living in a place that just doesn't feel "right". do you have family close now or did you have to leave them in AZ?

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