Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Being a Young Mom.


Hey y'all. Can I just say honestly, that being a mom is super embarrassing sometimes? The majority of the time it's great. Your kid is being awesome and funny and charming and you're loving it...all proud to show him off. And then out of the freaking blue, your kid turns into this crazy psycho mini-person who's rolling all over the floor of the grocery store and screaming because he can't have a king sized bag of M&Ms. And then people are looking at you like, "Why can't that lady get her kid under control?" as you're frantically trying to make it all stop without using any of the junk food and tv bribes you use at home. I know other parents totally "get" these types of situations, but I'm not sure people our age really do. I realized this today when two 20 something year old guys actually laughed at me as I tried to coax my kicking son off of the coffee shop floor. It wasn't like a "that's really funny" laugh, more like a "Ohhhh pathetic" kind of laugh. I shot him a shaky, "Oh heeeey. I'm uh, really sorrrry about this kid thing," smile. But really, I was thinking, "YOUR DAY WILL COME HAHAHAHAHAHA".

Ugggh. I need a nap.
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