Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Look at the....AIRPLANE SMOKE!


Our old neighbor came by our house about three months ago with a handful of little tadpoles for us. Apparently raising tadpoles to frogs is a lot harder than it sounds, I managed to kill all but one of the little guys. Two weeks ago we let the little lone frog go. It was actually really sad! I thought Henry would be way into it, or maybe a little sad too, but two year olds are pretty freaking oblivious. I was making this huge speech about "the wilderness, blah, blah, and how happy he'll be in his natural environment, blah blah" as I let him go, thinking that he was really digging the whole experience...but, no. He was more into the "airplane smoke" in the sky. Two year olds are funny.



Good luck, little frog.....

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