Saturday, July 28, 2012

Movie Dates


movie date 3

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When people tell you that the terrible twos are given a special name for a reason, they're TOTALLY RIGHT. What they rarely mention is that while toddlers have their extreme moments, they're mostly awesome. Henry is at this neat stage right now, we can do a lot more with him and see little glimpses of how he thinks and feels every day. He's always making us laugh, too. Some of the movie theaters around here play kids movies for $1 during the summer (your city probably does it too, check!). That's obviously a super deal for every one, but it's especially amazing for parents of young kids who can barely sit still for 10 minutes. We never really took Henry to the theaters before because it just seemed dumb to pay $25 for something he might not even like. I really like taking Henry on these little movie dates, we sneak in hella animal crackers and candy and I spend most of the time watching his reactions more than the movie. One time we even went to Bass Outlet before the movie, so he could look at all of the dead animals and ride the glass elevator. I'm completely loving this age, it makes me so excited for the years to come.
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