Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We've Got a Friend!


So I've started putting Henry in this mother's morning out program, two days a week while I do my student teaching. Yesterday I asked him, "Do you have any friends at school?" and he said, "Arr-say mama!" Naturally, I was like, "Arr-say?" And he said, "NO. Arrrrrrr-say mama." And then it was like this:

Me: Arrrrrr-say? Ashley?
H: No! Arr-say mama!
Me: Oh! Orson?

And then he gave up (whatever mom!)

So today when I picked him up, he was playing in the gym with the other kids. He ran up and gave me a huge hug and said, "Arr-say, mama!" and ran over to this little boy on a tricycle. He pointed at the kid's face and said, "Mama! Arr-say!" I asked his teacher what the boy's name was and she said, "That's R.J." and I about melted. Henry has apparently made his first friend and likes him enough to remember his name.

Henry and Arr-say. Awwwww.


bohomamasoul said...

Awwwww! That is too precious! Kids are rad.

lauren ♥ said...

this post just made a little teary eyed. cutest thing ever. malcolm would get so frustrated when we didn't understand what he was trying to tell us. kids are so awesome, and really are so smart. i'm glad henry has found a friend!

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