Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Shot.


You know, time passes so quickly. One minute you're staring at the tiniest little person sleeping on your chest and in the blink of an eye you're chasing a busy toddler around the house.

Lately I've been feeling guilty about all of the quickly fleeting moments I've wasted frustrated or angry at Henry. I'm realizing that time you get your child as a baby is very short. I know it's normal for parents to feel stressed out and worn down at times, we're not perfect. But as I watch Henry grow into a little boy, I wish that I could go back in time and do it all over again. If I had a second chance, maybe I wouldn't worry so much about the cup of juice that spilled all over the new couch or that we're fifteen minutes late again because of a meltdown. These things are so, so trivial as time leaves you in the dust.

And someday? I am going to really miss those juice stains.


bohomamasoul said...

I know exactly what you mean, friend. The good thing is, you're a wonderful mama and he won't remember those times because you've filled his life with such good and loving memories. Hugs, my dear.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I totally get that and feel the same way. Unfortunately usually in my angry moments, I just CAN NOT convince myself that I will miss them and should take that deep breath like I can when things are going well (or when he's sleeping LOL) I guess it's something we all need to work on!

Love the picture :o)

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Lately I have found myself feeling the same way about my daughter. She'll be 2 in July.

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