Thursday, March 8, 2012

2 is Hard.


I've been having a really hard time with Henry lately. Before I was a mom, I always thought I'd have the most well behaved kids. I mean, I kind of pride myself on getting kids under control and teaching them to be kind and polite. But haha jokes on you, Allie. It's soooooo different when the kid is your own. Henry knows how to irk me and I'm at a loss as of what to do about it.

Sometimes I feel like he rules my life and I'm not okay with that! Obviously your child needs to come first like 99% of the time, I get that. But the screaming, "GO AWAY MAMA!" and pushing my face away is not fair. Seriously, I wouldn't let my friends treat me that way, so why does my own child get to do it? Today after story time, he grabbed my coffee and started running away with it. When I asked him to come back, he giggled and threw it. I'm afraid to take him places now. Things that used to be really fun are more of a hassle these days and for once I'd just like to do something fun and have it be totally awesome. I'm scared that once he really starts talking, he'll be that rotten kid at the playground yelling, "I hate you, mom".

We've tried time out, we've tried being firm and then ignoring him until he's nice, we've tried everything. What the heck am I missing?

Is anybody else going through this same thing? How do you handle these situations?


The Ludwigs said...

Mommy has no advice, but tons of sympathy - I do the same things! Mommy tries to keep her patience, and sincerely hopes this is just a phase...

Ashley said...

I know exactly how you feel. I was also the judgy person who said my kids would be so well behaved well my son turns two in less then a month and I feel like he a completely different child. If I say don't touch that he'll walk over and touch while watching me its insane. And he spits in my face! I've tried everything too timeout, ignoring, taking away toys, and he doesn't care. It's so hard when you try so hard to be consistent with your parenting and it feels useless. Anyway I have no advice for you but it helped me feel better about myself as a mother to see someone else struggles like I do so know you are not alone.

lauren ♥ said...

i'm dealing with the same things, but my son is four and can talk. he is driving me crazy, testing my nerves, and acting out all over the place. it is so frustrating and so hard. my daughter was terrible at three and wonderful at four, so i was expecting the same with malcolm. not so much. ugh. we are just taking it one day at a time, and hoping it will pass. henry is going to be a great kid when he is older, don't worry mama :)

Anonymous said...

When I take my 2 and a 1/2 year old out, he runs wild and never pays any attention to me yelling "stop! freeze!" as he is about to run into the road (while strangers stop and stare). The books say persistence, but I've told him no and why for the same things millions of times. I am trying to enjoy this age, yet I am really ready for the age when we can have discussions and I can reason a little bit with him while he is trying unknowingly to do severe bodily harm to himself. Why does it seem everyone else has this parenting thing figured out?

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