Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever


I took Henry on a strawberry picking field trip last week and I think we'll be going back again soon. He already loves eating stuff off the floor so I'm sure he thought picking a million dirty berries and shoving them in his mouth without me yelling, "NO! ICKY!" ruled. They even had pig races and hayrides for the kids and we left with some fresh, organic strawberry jam!

busted! crop destroyer


IMG_9916 IMG_9914
the plants were like baby bumpers! he could only go forward and back to me so i wasn't having to constantly chase him. awesome.

watching the pig races with his two best friends


hayride with mom and two peanut butter crackers that he later fed to the goats (shhhh)



ever used a porta potty one handed, holding a baby in one arm and your purse on the opposite shoulder?

i feel like all morning he was eating berries, stems included until i realized he was eating them that way...



We just got back from the beach and we're getting ready to watch the NBA playoffs. Okay, Garrison is because I really could care less about basketball. I will drink a beer and eat bbq potato chips though. That? I'm into. Tonight we're cooking up steaks and corn and enjoying this 90 degree weather. This weekend has been great, I hope you are all having an awesome one as well!

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