Friday, May 13, 2011

Paper Mama LOVE

paper mama blog banner jump 2

Have you all met Chelsey yet? She is the brains behind one of my most favorite blogs, The Paper Mama. Her daughter Ruari is one of the cutest and I genuinely enjoy reading about her developments and drooling over Chelsey's amazing photography skills.

She has recently started drawing portraits and just sent us ours via email. I am so in love with this and can't wait to get it printed and in a frame. I sent her a couple pictures of us and told her to do whatever she'd like and you guys? She freaking put us under the sea, how awesome is that?


Chelsey also sells banners, photo edits, and beautiful paper crowns. Seriously she's so talented and you'll find so many fun things in her shop, go check it out! You'll want one of these drawings while they're still "new". I imagine Chelsey is going to be pretty busy once more of her drawings start popping up all over the blogging community. Get to her store by clicking the button below!

the paper mama shop banner
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