Thursday, January 27, 2011

Henry's Stats

shots suck.

Henry had his one year appointment yesterday. For the first time ever he was actually walking around the doctor office, examining every toy/book, and trying to open all of the cabinets and drawers. Any other day I'd usually care about the bajillion germs he was probably picking up by doing all of these things but yesterday? Meh. He seemed real happy and it was just easier for me to let him do whatever he wanted. And besides, he was going to get SHOTS. Like, a ton of them. And that is NO FUN.

The doctor said Henry is healthy and right on track, everything a mama wants to hear about her baby. We're so fortunate.

Here's his stats:

Weight: 20.6 lbs (17th percentile)
Length: 2 ft 6 inches (or 30 inches. 77th percentile)
Head Circumference: IDK 52nd percentile or something (who cares?)

I felt like I had a lot more questions for his doctor than I usually do. I mean, so much happens when babies turn one... they eat and drink differently, their sleep pattern changes, and car seats get flipped the freak forward! I seriously couldn't wait for this appointment, I felt like these questions had been on my mind forever and while you can find any answer online or in a baby book, I'm way more confident when I hear it from an actual person (wait. yahoo answers isn't always right?)

I thought I'd share with you my questions and the answers that my pediatrician gave me. There's got to be a handful of you that are wondering the same things I was but you're still too far away from your baby's one year visit and you JUST CAN'T WAIT.

(Every baby and every pediatrician are different. If you have any questions regarding your baby's individual needs, call the nurse line and they can help you out.)

When can I turn Henry's car seat forward?: At one year of age OR 20 lbs, whichever comes first. Make sure your current car seat is suitable for your baby's weight because most infant seats won't support over 23 lbs.

Can my baby have honey, peanut butter, shrimp, etc?: If there are no food allergies in your family, then it's perfectly fine to start incorporating these foods into your baby's diet (FYI: Some pediatricians prefer you wait until two years to introduce peanut products).

How much cow's milk should Henry be drinking?: 16-24 oz. daily.

Whole milk or 2%?: Whole.

Is it okay that he still eats mostly pureed foods? We give him finger foods but he'd rather eat mush: It's totally fine for him to still be eating baby food. It's quick and convenient and he's still getting the nutrients suitable for his age. If he's still into it at 15 months, start weaning him off of it.

I still give him baby oatmeal in the morning and Gerber rice with dinner, is this okay?: Yes. Baby cereals are packed full of vitamins and a great way to fill their tummies. Again, start weaning him at 15 months.

How many times a day should he be eating?: Three full meals with small snacks in between. A full meal would be a source of grain (bagel, oatmeal, toast, etc), a fruit or veggie, diluted fruit juice or water, and occasionally a dairy source too (maybe as one of his snacks).

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Christa @ Little Us said...

Mason's about to turn one as well so this was helpful! I had the car seat question too and asked about it on twitter {you know just as good as a doctor lol} and I was really shocked to hear so many people against forward facing.

I did my own research and I'm going to continue to rear face Mason even once he reaches the weight limit because it seems like if we got into a bad car accident he'd be more likely to survive if he was rear facing.

These two blogs have great info about extended rear facing

I dunno I think its worth looking into! It's nice to see another January Mom blogger because we're worried and concerned about the same things!

Jessie C said...

This actually answered some things for me. Thank you!

[ker-AND-uh] said...

These are great for moms who are approaching that mark or are curious. I just thought I'd point out that instead of it being 1yr OR 20lbs....the correct recommendations is 1year AND 20lbs. There are several reasons for it, but mostly because the spinal column will stretch further than the cord up until this age. Hope that helps!!

Way to go Henry!!!

alliehallmarr said...

thanks for the great car seat advice! although our dr gave us the OK and henry haaates facing back, i do think we're going to keep him that way for as long as we possibly can. i'd rather play it safe, even if it means driving around with a screaming baby.

christa, i'm going to check out those links right now. thanks for sending them my way!

lauren ♥ said...

i'm also going to add my two cents, and suggest that you (and any other moms out there who are reading this) stay rear-facing for a while. we kept malcolm that way until he was almost two, since he was such a little guy (like your little henry). here are some great links, please check them out:

and if you still aren't totally convinced, please watch this video! yikes!

Christa @ Little Us said...

No problem I hope it helps! Sucks that he seems to hate it so much if you forward face him he'll probably love it but he'll never go back to rear facing lol

Rachel Elizabeth said...

We are going to do an extended rear facing too. It's just so much safer!

Ugh, I hate shot appointments. Harper always has an awful time afterwards. We have one schedules for next week and I am already dreading it. Henry looks like he is gonnna be tall.

McMel said...

i think the growth charts at my office are wrong. 1st- they measured ian @ 29" @ his 9 month appt- 75th % and then they measured him @ 29" again at his 1 year- and that dropped him all the way to the 25th- yet 30" is 77th?! i don't know what's weirder, that or them trying to convince me he didn't grow an inch in 3 months even though his pants all became capris.

we are still rear facing too, but ian isn't close to be 20 lbs- we did however upgrade to a convertible carseat, which he likes a lot better!

we were also told to do 2% milk, not whole.

your questions sound like every ? i asked at my appt!

[ker-AND-uh] said...

I'm so torn with this right now too because austin turns a year soon and he's just overgrowing his carseat and hes over 20lbs. he hates facing back, but i'm such a worry wart. i'm not sure what to do

alliehallmarr said...

lauren: thanks for more links! i'll be sure to check those out too. for any other mom's reading this, please click the blogs that christa posted in this comment section. very insightful.

christa: you are totally right. once he gets a taste of awesome, he's not going to want blahhh. sounds like another good reason to wait a bit :D

rachel elizabeth: yeah, henry is always super crummy after his shots. they always tell me he'll be fine and maybe he'll get a fever but he gets soooo sick. ugh! and yeah, the doctor said he's probably going to be really tall.

McMel: we totally need to switch out hen's car seat too. he's still in his infant seat, which could be part of why he hates it so much. that is so strange about the growth chart! AND i totally thought 2% milk too. i was only giving him 2% and the nurse like, freaked out and gave me a lecture about how much better whole milk is for them. either way, milk is GROSS and whole milk seems the grossest to me. so we're switching back to 2%.

keranda: it's so confusing! and everyone has a different opinion. i think i'm going to have to get some interesting toys/mirrors to hang off of the seat so that henry will be distracted for a few more months....he really hates facing back, the sun is always in his eyes and there's no way to block it because it's shining in from the back window. UGH.

Unknown said...

yep rear facing is the best - as long as you can.
poor henry - shots do suck!

lauren ♥ said...

once you switch henry to a convertible car seat, he won't hate facing back as much. it will give him a totally different perspective, and he will probably enjoy riding in the car more. we got our britax seat on amazon for a great price (plus free shipping!), so the sooner the better :)

Genevieve said...

Very informative post! Your boy's tall and lean just like mine - a good way to be, although i'm constantly trying to fatten him up ;)

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