Monday, January 24, 2011

Henry's Party

We decided on a nautical theme for Henry's first birthday party. I wanted a theme that would be cheap and easy to pull off. We made this nautical flag banner out of card stock and I'm actually super happy with the way it turned out. AND it's something that can hang in his room now that the party is over.

For some of the cupcakes I made boat toppers out of scrapbook paper and bamboo skewers. We stenciled stars onto the others with blue sprinkles. We also had red velvet cupcakes with with cream cheese frosting and anchors painted on top using black icing.

We served tons of Sweedish Fish and Gummi Lifesavers, Goldfish crackers, and Bagel Bites (Garrison's call and it ended up being the most popular snack. Duh, they're awesome!)

I made this banner (out of the same card stock) last minute and realized we didn't have any place to hang it but the window. I think it would have looked way more awesome against a colorful wall and next time I'd use fishing wire instead of a dark colored string.

It's hard to see in these pictures, but I sewed a little anchor onto his striped onesie. You know, that way people would know he was at the right party and stuff.

Getting ready to eat his first frosted cupcake.

Before the party he swiped one right off the table and crawled away laughing and stuffing it in his face at the same time. He was so proud of his sneak!


"Omg. I'm like, soooo over this whole party thing"

We even had live entertainment:

Probably wondering why there's no milk coming out of those...

Bunz Olsen hates parties everything.

Someone partied too hard.



Jess Craig said...

this party seems epic! i wish i could have gone. and bagel bites are awesome. DUH. garrison is so smart.

lydia. said...

i love the nautical themed snacks!
such a cute idea. :)

Summer said...

Wow those are some great pictures. Love the theme and those other kids were also adorable. Loved Henrys anchor onesie you made! Your very talented.

rachel said...

Awesome Partay! Sorry we missed it. Charlie's is going to be on Saturday...and it's all about donuts. Because, you know, donuts are GOOD. Did Henry really crash out on the floor? Too funny!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

SO CUTE! What a perfect celebration! Wish we lived closer, we woulda crashed Henry's party! ;-)

jill said...

im not even just saying this because i want you to be my best friend or anything but this is my favorite first birthday party post ever! everything was absolutely perfect. you made me crack up laughing with the why isnt there milk in this balloon and the live band parts! im so happy you guys had such a great party!!!

Eva said...

everything looks so cute! you did a great job :)

Danielle said...

OMG you're so crafty and cute! Love all of this!

I wish we lived in the same time so our Henrys could hang! *pout*

xoxo ;)

Unknown said...

I love the nautical theme- such a cute idea. We did a pirate theme and it didn't work out so well. I found these cute little pirate invites and assumed I'd be able to find other pirate decorations easily, but apparently, "pirates" are sooo yesterday. The only stuff I could find was pirates of the caribbean- a little old for a one year old, but oh well :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Henry!!!
Love the nautical theme and all the other fun colors you incorporated. omg your photo captions have me lauging for real :)

Gemma said...

Where do your talents end Allie?

Looks like you all had a blast, I love everything about that party.

Take care xxx

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Henry!

That photo of Henry with the grumpy-looking cat is priceless.

morgan said...

what a cute party! love it.

mommatojoa said...

I LOVE the theme and you are SO creative to do so many of those things yourself.

Happy Birthday Henry!

andrea said...

So adorable!! Happy birthday to your little man. Turning ONE is a big deal :) I hope he keeps being cute, smart and healthy.
We are also having a nautical-themed birthday party for Bresho. Thanks for the inspiration!

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