Friday, January 7, 2011

Growing Up

A month ago we finally gave in and purchased a gym membership. I've been pretty into running lately and it's just getting too cold to put Henry in the jogging stroller in the afternoon. Plus, the gym has a "free" childcare center where you can drop your kid off while you work out.

The first day I marched him in with a newly packed baby bag over my shoulder and work out clothes ON, ready for a break and what did Henry do? Henry freaked. As soon as I started the treadmill, a frantic looking daycare worker found me and said, "Henry's been crying for fifteen minutes and that's our max., you have to take him home now." I left so frustrated.

We tried it again the next day. This time I surrounded his butt with every freaking Elmo toy in the room and sat with him for ten minutes. When he wasn't looking I left out the back door and ran for the gym. I'm jogging and ten minutes goes by. Then twenty. Then thirty five. What the heck, why isn't someone coming to get me? I wiped off the machine and went to pick Henry up and this is what I saw through the little window:

Playing on his own, it's like he didn't even realize I was gone and it's been like this every day since. He even lunges for the door the second he sees the babysitters. This is like, a huge huge huge huge deal. Oh man, I spy on him as he cruises around tables, eats crayons, shows older kids his toys, and reaches his arms up so the girls will hold him. In that room, he looks like such a big boy to me. Where did my little Henry go?

I probably sound crazy but while I'm really excited to see him becoming so kind of makes me sad at the same time. I got so bummed when he didn't want to stay in the kid room and now that he does I'm a little bummed too. Sometimes, being a mom is just funny like that.

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Gemma said...

So true Allie! Thanks for the lovely comments by the way :)

It's so hard, you long for them to sit up, crawl, walk, talk and when they do, you totally miss their innocence and being a baby and want to turn the clocks back.

Trust me, cherish every minute as before you know you'll be in my shoes! Sorting out school for September!!!

Do you have any big plans for Henrys 1st birthday?


Sarah said...

I can totally understand the conflicting emotions!

heather said...


rachelinaustin said...

Aw! I'm sure it's good for him to get some independence, it sounds like he's thriving... and so are you!


Yana said...

aw, this is such a sweet post.
I know, that bittersweet feeling is so hard to explain. The feeling of pride and joy when you see your babe growing up, and the twinge of pain when you see it happen.

being a mom IS just funny like that ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad its working out for you both to go, and get some 'alone' time. Our gym on base is nice, but they have this plexy glass room for the kids to stay in. Not my idea of a fun time.

Jess Craig said...

omg this is so true allie. i feel the same way! i even kinda feel like it now that josh is home. sometimes it hurts my feelings a little bit when wyatt goes to josh (THAT'S TERRIBLE I KNOW! but i just got so used to just us all the time). i'm happy for henry though. he's got independence and that's good for him!

Rylie Craft said...

cute blog! Little boys are the best. :)
Rylie from

Rylie Craft said...

cute blog! Little boys are the best. :)
Rylie from

Heidi said...

The tug-o-war of motherhood; it should totally be an Olympic sport.

Hug to you Allie.

Heidi said...

*disclaimer* This isn't really a comment, just a note to you :)

OK, my comment a little bit ago totally gave me a post idea so I'm using it as a title and linking back to you. Thank you for the inspiration Allie friend!

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