Wednesday, September 29, 2010

because i don't feel like editing photos....

I think this is just so creative. I'm especially into it when Solsbury Hill starts playing. Pure. Genius. I think you'd have to have seen The Shining for this to make any sense though. I played it for Garrison a few weeks ago (he has never seen the movie) and he was all like, "OH? Ha...ha?" afterward.

Now I'm off to by a real mop and a broom that hasn't been used to sweep up used cat litter cuz baby boy be crazy crawling now!

Oh and equally awesome? This:


lydia. said...


jill said...

those are so totally awesome!!! i love the exorcist spinning mary poppins head! ahahaha! funny how you can turn things around like that. i bet there are more...where did you find them?

Brittany said...

I havent seen the shining so I dont think that will make sense to me

but how was your trip?

Hope it went well!

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