Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Eight Months!


Today you are eight months old. Wow! I feel like you have grown both physically and emotionally more than than the previous months and I love watching you turn into this squirmy little boy. You have become quite the busy body, you're never content with just sitting now. Just this past week you've discovered that crawling on all fours is much faster than the one armed scoot you had been practicing and I know it's just a matter of weeks until Bunz the cat has to start guarding her tail. When you are in my arms you use those busy feet of yours to crawl up my chest and onto my shoulders...what do you think is up there?

You've mastered what we like to call the "stink face" and you know how to use it too. Every time you get frustrated, you make it look like you are crying and then stop to flash us a little two-toothed grin before resuming that fake frown. We're so on to you, by the way- but OH! what a reaction you get from us.

ex: stink face.
(sorry, but how could i even resist putting little f's new headband on that bald little head of yours?!)

Tonight your dad lowered your crib because you have been pulling yourself to a standing
position using any reachable object. I still remember putting that crib together and thinking that the six inches between rail and mattress was way too low. Now your sleepin' deep and it's really weirding me out over how fast time flies.

Happy eight months! We love, love you.


rachel said...

Happy 8 months, Henry! You are growing so fast!

Mandy said...

Happy 8 months lil' Henry! I didn't think it was possible-- but you get cuter every month!

Veronica said...

haha love the stink face! happy 8 months little Henry!

lydia. said...

aww! he's such a little cutie.
happy 8 months, henry! :)
he's growing so much.


Mrs. Doc Handsome said...

Happy 8 months Henry!

Brittany said...

Happy 8 months Henry!

Emmie Bee said...

Happy 8 months baby boy!
And pulling up? Awesome. I cannot wait till the twinsies do that!

Jess Craig said...

at least we know he'd be cute as a girl too!

jill said...

henry's stink face is the best. kids are funny! happy eight months cutie pie!!!
oh, and i can not even imagine how adorable it will be to see henry crawling! OMG!

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

Happy 8 months!! Seriously! Time is just going soo fast!! He does look pretty cute with that little bow on his head! :)

David said...

Happy birthday!!!!
it's the day i celebrated 5 months :)

Iris Flavia said...

Henry, let me tell you... there´ll be a time where you gonna think, "oh, my! Another 8 months added, uh-oh!".. that´s what I just thought. Heck, on the day you´re waaaay younger than me!
And waaaaay cuter, too! :-)

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Happy 8 months, Henry!!

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