Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Post of Firsts

Lots of new things happening around here, it is so exciting! What a busy week for Baby Henry!

thanks McCorkles!

just kidding!

(not pictured: henry's first time staying with a babysitter. this "first" deserves an entire post of it's own.
Hella. disaster).

Also, in case you haven't heard Sara from Don't Worry Baby went into labor last night. Send tons of good thoughts for an easy labor! I'm so excited to see her little baby Slyvie!

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Jess Craig said...

i love all of it! we have the same stroller cover!

Moriah said...

oh man, i always wanted that stroller! we tried to track one down on craigslist for months, but to no avail. settled on a peg perego instead. not as cute. :(

Anonymous said...

I love the new stroller! <3

lydia. said...

so many exciting firsts!
yay, henry!
will we be hearing about this disastrous first? haha.

how exciting for sara!
yay! :)

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Awe!! Happy firsts Henry!! Those are all such exciting things! And he looks so dang cute doing them all :-)

With Love, Jamie said...

I love this post :) :) :)
Cherish all of these adorable little "firsts"!!!

Joy said...

I wish I had pictures of all B's firsts!

Stormy Seaworthy said...

Awww, I love everything. Especially that little man! And the stroller is nice too!

Brittany said...

He is the cutest!

Can't wait to hear about his first time with a sitter. you have me curious now!

Sabriel said...

i love how you padded the shopping cart like CRAZY! it's so funny and sweet.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Awww, what a huge week!! Looks like he took it all in stride too!

Paige Baker said...

So great. Can't wait to hear about the babysitter. I love your cart cover. Sofia had a really cute one with cherry blossoms on it!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I remember the first time B sat in a grocery cart "for real" and I was so geeked ;)

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