Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dust off those *nsync albums!

Align CenterSo I just found my journal from a long time ago and I am seriously lmao.

Did you even know baggy pants AND wide legged pants were in the top nine "must have
so cool!" list of 1999? And apparently we all should have collected more beanie babys (oooh the spelling!) because that was number one on the same list.

Um, how cool was I when I was thirteen and how did I not have like, a bajillion boyfriends?

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Courtney said...



reading old journals is my fave!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Oh my gosh, I just had a flash from my past! Abercrombie! I remember when I got to shop there, it was like a huge treat because they were so expensive. And you gotta love those boy bands. I would be so afraid to look back at my journal from the 90's!

Iris Flavia said...

Sweet :-)
That year I was travelling Australia the second time. Now with a huge 4-wd-wagon to the supercoolest places. Best year in my life!
P.S due-day Niece is today!

Paige Baker said...

ALLIE, I LOBE this. You are sooo cooool, how DID you not have like a bajillion boyfriends?! They were probably just too intimidated to approach your baggie pants and beanie babys (ha!) not to mention how popular you were with your vast knowledge of the y2k!

Moriah said...

oh, my gosh. the sick memories are seeping back into my brain. beanie babies?! i wasted so much money on that crap! and *NSync was DEFINITELY one of my favorite boy bands for many years. I was beyond obsessed. Thanks for takin' us back in time.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Ha ha! Apparently I was REALLY cool in 1999!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious :) The 90s were so awesome - right?

Mariel Torres said...

hehe this is pretty funny... i was only nine then but i remember it all too well lol.

Brittany said...

THIS is so cute!

I love that you pointed out that A and F and tommy were clothing companies..

but good point..

maybe one day the "kids" wont know what you were talking about..

alliehallmarr said...

courtney: i must say, it was equal parts entertaining and "omg, reallly?"

mandy: my gma bought me two shirts and a vest (a vest?!) and then one day my dad went into an af store at the mall, saw the pictures of shirtless guys, and made me get rid of it all. HA!

iris: your english is seriously getting SO good! traveling around australia sounds amazing! happy niece due date, i hope she comes soon!

paige: isn't it just ridiculously funny? i especially love how i listed "music" as popular!

moriah: remember how everyone kept saying beanie babies were going to be worth so much money some day? hilarious!

chelsey: HAhaha!

littlemisscrys: yeah! and awesomely awkward for many people I'm sure!

mariel: then you are the almost the same age as my younger sister! when is your birthday>?

brittany: i know, it's like, "note to future self, in case you forget everything..."

Sarah said...

BAHAHA! I love it! I was 16 in 1999 and I so remember those boy bands although I didn't really like any of them.

Cargo pants were pretty big over here in Oz, but I can't really remember many of the other fashion trends...I was such a dag!

What a great blast from the past....like opening a time capsule.

jill said...

allie this is hilarious! this boy used to like me just because he thought i dressed cool in tommy hilfiger clothes! barf!

Doni said...

You should make a new list every year and be able to have a day like this again in 10 years!

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