Friday, April 2, 2010

Henry and the Mobile

When I was still pregnant with Henry, my good friend Melissa sent us a wonderful package full of all kinds of baby goodies. Inside was a handmade mobile that Melissa had constructed out of origami cranes, beautiful beads, and cooper wire. We immediately hung it above H's crib, we loved how much color and charm it brought to his baby room. Although Melissa had never seen his room before, it matched the decor perfectly (Melissa and I seem to have this spooky ESP connection, but that's another post in itself).

Two weeks ago, H started being able to focus on objects we place in his line of sight, which means that he can finally see the wonderful mobile Melissa made!! Although he is still sleeping in our bedroom with us, he really loves laying in his big crib during the day and watching the paper cranes swing back and forth in the breeze from the ceiling fan. He's fascinated by the bright colors and movements and we love watching him smile and coo up at the birds.

Thanks Melissa!

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Mariel Torres said...

so colorful and beautiful! such a great idea :)

alliehallmarr said...

Thanks! You should have seen our eyes when we first opened it!!

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