Friday, April 30, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For.

three months 016 by you.

The other day I was reading through my blog and realized that it's sort of become a "fairy tale blog", something I never intended for It's a Wonderful Life. While my life is extremely wonderful, it's not as perfect and flawless as I make it out to be. I've always tried to be honest and real with the stuff I write, but lately that rule seems to have taken a back seat to many, "My life is perfect" posts (how did this happen?!)

"I really need to write a real post," I thought as I scrolled through months of sunshiny posts. And then the very next morning it happened:

I injured my baby for the first time ever. Ever!

We were leaving story time at the library and as I turned around to see where one of the other children had gone BAM! THUD! CLUNK! WTF? poor Henry's perfect little head was greeted by the (very heavy) closing door. The crying that followed was ah-mazing. I have never seen H so upset. He cried so loud and hard, he screamed until he was blue in the face, he clenched his toes and fingers until his knuckles were white. Maybe it was because we were in a library, but I swear he cried even louder than when he had his first round of shots.

And people stared! Oh, how they all stared. H kept looking up at me with this fear in his eyes and a quivering lip that said, "Momma, what just happened? Why do I feel so awful?" And there was absolutely nothing I could do but rock him back and forth back and forth whispering, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry", while trying to ignore the glares. We ran out to the car and sat there for a long time, huddled around Henry. We patted his fuzzy, bruised head singing, "It's okay Henry, it's alright. Shhh, shhh, shhh."

I know this probably isn't the last time I accidentally hurt my baby (big old sad face) but god, I hope it doesn't happen again for so long.

Moral of the story: Hurting your baby sucks and the next time you wish for something real to write about you might just get your wish.


Dori the Giant said...

Aww. At least he's okay. It could have been worse!

This reminds me when my little sister was a baby, we didn't even have a crib for her so she slept on the parent's big bed, and occassionally we would hear a loud "thud" because sometimes she would fall off the bed and hit her head!

I only remember it happening about twice, maybe three times. I'm not sure how long she had to sleep in that bed! It's still scary.

alliehallmarr said...

That's true, it could have been much worse! It's so sad when they are so little and you can't explain to them what just happened and let them know that they won't hurt forever...also, there's the whole, "they trust you more than anyone" issue. Yikes!

Hopefully your parents had carpeted floors? :)

Jamie said...

oh god, allie, wait until you read my post on monday. long story short, i fell down carrying jude monday. i'm still injured in many places.

poor sad henry! it's hard to explain to them that in a few minutes they'll feel just fine.

Brittany said...

Poor H! I just wanted to hug him through out this whole post! You're still such a good mama! Accidents happen!

Paige Baker said...

Awh, bubby! I'm sure he is fine. As he gets older, his head will be knocked around a LOT! It's just something that happens with kids, but so sad every time. Just earlier this month, my niece (who lives with me--custody battle, etc., etc..) fell in her face and her bottom tooth wen all the way through her top lip! This poor, sad, sweet, baby crying and bleeding and there was absolutely nothing I could do to make it stop hurting. It was awful. Kids get hurt. all the time. It happens.

emily bilbrey said...

oh nooooos! poor lil' henry darling! so sorry mama - my lower lip involuntarily quivered when i read the description about his crying! ):

you know, poppy's first REAL head-bonk-with-the-sad-sad-scream-crying was totally my fault. she had just learned to sit up, i had her right beside me and WHAM she topples backward into a coffee table leg. i totally admit, i cried with her. and i also admit, my first thought after "is she ok?" was "DAMMIT IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ME WHO DID THIS!!"

one of the badges of motherhood, i suppose...

hugs, mama!



Kelly said...

Allie, I will add my injury story-about you!

You were a year old when your dad was walking up the cement stairs to home, when he tripped and fell with you! Bam! right on your head. We got you in the house, calmed you down, and then I decided to give you a bath. But then you threw up. Panic ensued, as we thought that you had a concussion, so we rushed you to the emergency room. No concussion; you had the flu. And remember when you decided to fly over the handle bars on your bike?!Another trip to the hospital.


alliehallmarr said...

Thanks Brittany :)

Ouch, Paige that sounds horrible! I hope she was okay!

@emily: That was exactly what I thought after H got hurt! They just trust you so much, you know? It stinks when you're the one who makes them cry...Thank you for all of your wonderful comments, they nade me so happy tonight!

Emmie Bee said...

The first injury Hudson ever got- I was trying to snap the restraint on his bouncer and pinched his leg closed in the snap. OMG. It was horrible. But, they recover so quickly. So, don't beat yourself up! Believe me- it starts happening all the time.

alliehallmarr said...

All the time? Oh no! Maybe that's part of the reaspm babies were made with such a short memory span? Puur Hudson! Glad he was okay :)

andrea said...

Poor baby! Kiss his boo boo better for me <3 I really hate when things like this happen. It's heartbreaking :( We've had a couple of scary experiences and I feel like I am going to pass out from anxiety every time. I don't think this stuff ever gets better. Love you, Henry!!

Mrs. B said...

gah, isn't that the WORST!? happens to the best of us though, mama. well, maybe not the BEST of us, but it's happened to me. ;)

Yana said...

thanks for sharing that you don't want your life to seem perfect.
I have been holding back on my blog, because so much of what I want to say is really hard. Rue isn't colicky, but he has had digestion problems, so we have sleepless nights and cryfests [both of us] for the past three months.
I am kind of depressed, and a I think i haven't written because I don't want to be a downer.
But, I think it's time to be honest with myself and readers...

Chelsea said...

oh i'm soo glad i read this because i've injured levi TWICE this past week! first, i was putting his pj's on and they were the footsie kind that zip up instead of button, and i'm sure you know where i'm going with this.....i ZIPPED UP HIS BELLY!! :'( the poor baby! i felt so horrible.

next, a few days later i put levi in his bouncy chair on the bathroom floor while i was taking a shower, and dummy mom move, apparently had him too close to the counter, because he grabbed the cord of the blowdryer that was hanging down, and pulled the blowdryer square ON HIS HEAD!!! bad mom award goes to me this week. wahhhh D: glad to know i'm not the only one! poor henry, i hope he forgave you ;)

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