Monday, March 1, 2010

Over the Weekend,

These things happened:

G came home with this new shirt from Urban Outfitters and quickly changed into it. About two seconds after this photo was taken, this shirt was completely covered in baby pee.

Not to sound full of ourselves but man we're getting SO freakin good at going out with baby. Second restaurant in a row. Look at us GO! I had the best Reuben sandwich I have ever had at a place called Locos.

Since G works all week, he has to soak in as much Henry time as he can. Many hours at the house were spent just like this. I love the way Henry turns into a mushy, heavy lump of baby after he's been relaxing on his dad's chest.

H practiced push ups with some tummy time. He haaates being on his stomach and gets more of a workout from crying and kicking his legs than he does from lifting his head up. This also really confuses the cat, who stands nearby looking at baby like, "Whoa. What's that thing's problem?"

We took H downtown for the first time. We walked along the river front and listened to street performers sing Amazing Grace and play Popeye the Sailor Man on flutes. The weather was so nice (finally!) and it felt good to get some fresh air. H slept right through his first outing.

Thanks to all of your advice Jaimie from Grumbles and Grunts suggestion, I made my own version of the Moby Wrap. We couldn't be happier with it! Henry loves being in it and usually falls right asleep. It's great on my back and I can use my hands way easier than I could in our sling. Plus two wraps for $24? Oh. Yeah. Thanks for all of your advice on different types of slings. I have such helpful readers...

Not Pictured: My trip to WalMart (ooooooh, why do I keep going back?)

Okay. So I go to WalMart to get some diapers (Oh! These wonderful prices!) and in the baby section there's this crazy looking woman with an even crazier looking kid. Dressed in Spiderman PJs with NO SHOES (the kid, not the mom) he's walking around picking up all of the toys and saying, "Look mom! LOOK. MOM. Looooook mooooooom!" while she's pushing her infant through a different isle and dragging grandma around with her too. She finally realizes that her kid is still in the isle over, so she leaves baby with grandma and grabs her toddler by the arm.

"I told you. We ain't getting no toys! PUT IT DOWN!" She yells.

Of course, what two year old is going to be like, "Okie-doke mom!". He continues to hold it up saying "Looook Mom!"

This really irks her something fierce so she rips the toy out of his hands and throws it on the shelf. He starts whimpering so she SMACKS his hand. Four times. Hard. REALLY, REALLY hard. Like, "Do you know people are watching you right now?!" hard.

The boy starts crying these loud, heartbreaking sobs and the mom suddenly realizes Oh, crap! I'm in a WalMart! and she yanks his arm and jerks the poor kid him away from the scene. As she's trying to escape embarrassment the kid pukes! All. over. the. floor. AND the mom, and the cart, and his bare little feet.

Oh, if I only had a picture to capture this one!

Two lessons to be learned:
1. I need to start getting my diapers at Target
2. Karma sure is a you-know-what.

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Kelly said...

Awwww! Henry is soooooooooo cute!

Miss you all,


Jamie said...

GO MOBY WRAP! you look like a pro! hooray!

Ugh, I saw a lady slap her 3-6 month old baby in the face in the grocery store. I was wearing Jude in the moby wrap (it's a MOBY WRAP party up in here!) and I didn't know what to do so I just... walked away. It was totally awful. Sorry, this just reminded me of that.

alliehallmarr said...

I hate that! Always makes me wonder what discipline is like in the privacy of their home... Frustrating!

Moby wraps rule!

alliehallmarr said...

Thanks Auntie Karli! We miss you around here! Love you!

emily bilbrey said...

that wall mart story made me cringe, first and foremost. what the FUCK is the matter with some people??!


also, really stoked for you that you found a thrifty, creative, comfy way to tote henry around! he looks mighty comfy, and it's nice the wrap is easy on your back! also, might i just say that you look AMAZING. like, seriously, i cannot believe you JUST had a kid. good job, hot mama! whoot!

the photo of h laying on your hub slays me. something about babies and daddies - so wonderful & sweet.

great post! glad things are going well! cheers!

alliehallmarr said...

Thanks for the compliments Emily! Yeah, WalMart is just gross and people can be too. I really need to stop going back there.

Hope you're having a blast in Cali. Soak up some sun for me...we haven't been seeing much here today.

andrea said...

Allie, you look so pretty!! Looks like your recovery is going great and that you are slowly getting back to "normal" (as in leaving the house). It took us a while to get out, but it does help to leave the house for a little while (espesh when it's nice outside).
Walmart is another dimension. I wish we had Traget here in Canada... I have no choice so we have to go to walmart every once in a while.

Your little man is so adorable!

b harper said...

I decided to quit Walmart all together after a trip I made while 8 months pregnant. It's so bad, it honestly stresses me out. I never looked back.

I love your pictures. Your family is lovely and I just adore mushy baby lumps.

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