Saturday, February 27, 2010

When You're Here, You're Family.

Today we all went on our very first family date! Look at us, all grown up and brave enough to leave the house with our baby.

Something as simple as going to Olive Garden becomes a big deal (like, really really BIG) when you have a baby. We have to plan everything around H's "I need a boob in my mouth every two-three hours" schedule and although we were on a date, we held our breaths the entire time hoping he wouldn't start CRYING! halfway through lunch.

Of course getting out of the house takes us waaay longer than usual too (it always goes something like this: oh crap, I forgot a diaper! Hold on, I need to grab an extra blanket. Did you remember the gift card? Is that a poop stain on H's overalls? Wait, now I have to pee...) And sitting through a meal now involves peaking in on baby every two minutes (Is he really still sleeping?) and conversations about peed on shirts and infant hair growth.

But I'd say date = success! We made it through our entire meal with just a few seconds of baby fuss and were able to enjoy spending time with each other somewhere other than our living room. It was really fun showing off our new baby too. H is totally a grandma's man. Attracting the older ladies...Go Henry!

I was so excited to be out of the house (oh no, do I still remember how to talk to adults?), G still makes a pretty hot date, and Henry is definitely the cutest and tiniest company I've ever had the pleasure of dining with.

Hey you, public! You'd better watch out for these three...we're starting to kick some serious butt!

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Kelly said...

NOW do you understand why I seemed a little crazy whenever I brought a new chickie into the nest?! But I'm proud of you guys! That can be a scary outing!

emily bilbrey said...

happy your date went well! it gets easier, i promise! i remember being suuuper intimidated to take poppy out to to a meal - i was always so paranoid that she'd get upset an make a scene! of course, she never has. once henry can sit up on his own, i bet he'll love coming out with you guys! most babies love sitting in high chairs @ the table, it's fun for them i think! (:


alliehallmarr said...

Emily- it will be so much fun when H can sit up and join. I always love watching the older babies eat out with their parents...Good to hear it gets easier! We were so nervous the ENTIRE meal...haha!

Mom- Crazy? You? Naaaah.

Anonymous said...

I love that blog Allie! Henry is the cutiest! Do you just click the top baby blog to vote??!! Because i would like to vote but i can't!
:( Thanks!

Love you!


PS Hope you had a great Fam night!

alliehallmarr said...

Renee...see the brown bars that say. "Top Baby Blogs" ? Just click it and it counts as a vote. It will take you to the top baby blogs website and then you just click out of that. No pop-ups or forms to fill out or anything. Of course, ask your mom if that's okay for you to do first alright? Love you!
(if you can't find the brown bars...then there is a brown button on the right side of my blog. It says top baby blogs too...just click it and you've voted!)

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