Monday, February 15, 2010

The Glamorous Life.

I wish someone would have warned me that being a new mom would make all sorts of crazy things happen. Given me the head's up that in days I could transition from someone who hates shopping to someone who finds any excuse to get to the store. That quick trips to Target would suddenly become just as exciting as celebrating my birthday. That nursing in the WalMart parking lot (TWICE...seriously, does it get any trashier?!) would be totally worth it because dammit! look at me! I am out of the house! Or that driving to the grocery store just to buy one can of lemonade would suddenly totally make sense.

Last night I actually got a little excited when our toilet clogged and I realized we don't have a plunger.

Oh my! Guess who gets to go to Home Depot today?!


Andy Quirks said...

haha. this is a funny post. i'm glad you have found my site again dear.

And what else have you brought home from home depot aside from that plunger? haha.


emily bilbrey said...

hahaha! i am so there with you on this. just last weekend at target i was running around like a crazy bat outta hell like, "OMG SHOOOOES! babe, lookit that STROLLER! check out the spring clothes for baby holy crap i neeeeeed this for poppy!" to which a confused david replied, "what HAPPENED to you? you used to hate shopping!" and i was all, "whatever, look at this dress, i am GETTING this for poppy."

it must be a mom thing.


Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

haha! that is too funny. I'm not a mom yet, but definitely plan on waiting til I'm absolutely ready because of reasons like this! super cute baby : )

Kelly said...

Hmmm...and you never wondered why I always had to go to the store?
-mom :)

Anonymous said...

I STILL feel like that some days and Bresho is 11 months!!

kelsey c. said...

this post is so funny! my baby is 11 months old now, and we still plan our days around a trip to trader joes or bed, bath and beyond. Exciting!

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