Monday, November 9, 2009

An Update and a Rant.

This weekend we got to play around Savannah with two of our wonderful Chicago friends. I don't think I really realized how badly we need more friends here before I picked them up at the airport. This whole weekend flew by, obviously time does when you're so busy having a blast almost 24/7.

This weekend, I learned that although I am over seven months pregnant, I can still walk into a bar without stares or giggles. I can still ride bikes all over the beach and take pictures while doing so (I'll post some of those later...) I learned that blasting Miley Cyrus', "Party in the USA" is way more fun when you are driving a car full of friends home at one o'clock in the morning. I also learned that I miss Chicago like crazy...or maybe I just miss all the people we left behind.

The baby room is getting more complete and I have been having so much fun framing artwork and painting shelves. The rest of our house will always be scattered, incomplete, and somewhat bare, but that baby room? EEEEE-Gawds! (as my Grandma would say) it's gonna blow your mind. Matching furniture? What?! Carpet? What?! Organization? Whoa.

Guess you know where to find me....

I think I've been putting so much time and effort into decorating that room because I am getting so sick of our apartment. Maybe it's the whole "nesting" thing...whatever that is, but I am so tired of our house looking and feeling so disorganized. I never realized how expensive it is to actually decorate a house and make it feel like a home.

Also, lately it seems like no matter how much I clean the house is always messy. And not in a "lived in" sort of way. I'm talking about a "moldy, damp, and smelly" sort of way. We have black mold covering the walls of our back room and our pillow cases, blankets, and clothes are always damp at night. I get home from work and spend the rest of the night sneezing and coughing up who-knows-what because of it all. Makes me real excited to get home.

I don't think there's anything we can really do about the mold and dampness, which makes the whole thing that much worse. And then I think about bringing a baby into that environment and I just about loose it. Now that Savannah is cooling off a bit, the mold and condensation in our place has really become a pain. Any one have sugguestions? I'm sick of being sick and I'm sick of scrubbing mold and dust all the time. I want to look forward to coming home, instead of dreading it all day.



Anonymous said...

Call the health dept

Call your landlord and INSIST you get moved to a new place.

You may have to say goodbye to anything that can't be disinfected with bleach/sanitized. Ask the health dept how to clean it.

No wonder you have been so sick so long with that cough.

Get out of there Asap

Kelly said...

I love the new room!!!It's sooo cute! Even with Bunz sitting there, looking like he's taking a dump on the chair!"Take that, baby-to-be!Heeheeeheee" hisses the evilness.
Anyways, something has got to be done about that mold.Hey, I happen to know of a guy who is really nice, a friend of the family by the way, who works for the city of Savannah in the housing department, or some such thing? Maybe he would at least know of someone who could put the squeeze on the owner to get it cleaned up!He might be willing to look into it....I think that he has a little crush on you!

Lindsey said...

I'm sorry sister. Hang in there!
Love you.

morgan said...

i'm sorry if this is really random, and maybe you have a new apartment now so it isn't a problem, but i just happened to be reading your blog and wanted to say that a dehumidifier is a must have for living in the south--after living in charleston, it's such a necessity. if you still live in savannah (love that city), i hope that helps.

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