Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roll The Dice...

Our friend Katie took this picture over the weekend. I just love it so much, especially because it captures our relationship pretty perfectly. We're staying in a hotel until Tuesday to avoid the mold garden that has since taken over our house. It's like Jumanji over there, black and blue mold quickly creeping and crawling over the walls and floors, tables, and beds. All of our things are covered in fuzz and every day the mold spreads to more and more of our belongings (including Little Baby's things! :-/ ) Maybe this whole thing would be more bearable if we had an unshaven Robin Williams running around, cutting through the mold with a machete and making tons of PG jokes while doing it.

While I'm missing my bed already, I can't say I'll miss coughing and sneezing all of the time and hardly sleeping because I'm paranoid about the spores I'm breathing in. It's also pretty freakin nice to have a high powered shower and clean sheets, cable TV, and continental breakfasts too. Cat is having a great time as well and loves the big new bed and all of the crawling spaces she's discovering inside our (two bedroom!) room.

I Can't wait until this whole thing gets figured out. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind getting out of the whole place and into somewhere actually livable.
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