Saturday, January 10, 2009


I haven't posted any videos on this blog so far, even though I have been considering it for some time now. I am attempting to upload a few onto Youtube, so we'll see if I can post them by the time I am done writing this. One of the videos I hope to post is the snow we have had outside our window for a long time now. It started snowing yesterday around six and hasn't stopped since. In fact, it's gotten much worse and our county is under a Winter storm watch advisory. It's not as bad as it sounds though, we only 3 1/2 inches or so. It is supposed to keep snowing until six tonight though, so we might have a good amount by then.

We've been busy applying to jobs and schools still, although I have kind of lost the ambition I had just a few days ago. I keep putting off the things I really should be doing and instead finding lots of different ways to avoid essay writing. In some ways that's not too bad, the house is cleaner than it has been in a long time, I have a whole pile of clean laundry, and I have managed to watch a few more tv shows than usual. Sad thing is, ten days into 2009 and I am already breaking one of my New Year's resolutions by wasting all of this time. Oh well, I'll start again tomorrow ;-)

Two days ago, G surprised me after work and ordered food from my favorite restaurant, Penny's. The picture to the left is what I usually order, it's their vegetarian bowl. Tons of sliced carrots, cabbage, cilantro, bean sprouts, peanuts, lettuce, lime, and sweet seasoned tofu on top of a bed of rice noodles. I like Penny's because it is fairly healthy and you really do get so much for your money. The vegetarian bowl is about $5.00 and usually lasts me two or so meals. We have been eating there a lot lately because the snow and cold has kept us from venturing too far from our warm apartment. The other day I walked in and one of the waitresses said, "Hey Allie!" Disgusting, I know. At least we aren't well known at the Macdonalds just down the street.

This is going to be more of a picture post than anything, I haven't been able to get my card reader working for a while. Last night it started up again though, so I can finally post all of those pictures I have been taking with my new camera. Here's a few....

Steve and G fixing the car:

The swing band we saw at the Horseshoe:

Chicago sunset from our apartment window:

Thunderunderus show at the Elbo Room:

The camera case I sewed with my new sewing machine!

Tonight we went to G's band practice at the Slim Dixon practice space. Because of the snow, we decided it would be best to take a taxi out. For the most part, Chicago taxi drivers are friendly and fast...I've really only had a few bad experiences so far. Today we must have gotten one of the worst, I couldn't believe some of the things he was yelling at us. G told him where we needed to go and how he could get there and the guy had the nerve to say, "Well, thank God you aren't a taxi driver, because you would be horrible at it you would get a lot of complaints". See, he was super angry that G had given him directions, when he really wanted to drive his way of choice. G said, "Well, I'm sorry you are so upset, but I just didn't want you to u-turn and get stuck at the light, which would have cost us more money and time." Then the jerk said, "Oooooh, you were just looking out for my best interest. You are too too kind and I am truly touched. Awwww, thank you sir." I was pretty close to telling him off, or at least calling in with a complaint of some sort. I mean, if we were in any other situation that would not have been acceptable. We are customers, we at least deserve a bit of respect. At least ingore us and listen to your radio, or talk on your cell phone instead of chewing us out for no reason. By the end of the taxi ride I had come to the conclusion that he was probably having some kind of really crappy day, and who was I to make it worse for him. I mean, the chances of us crossing paths in the future is incredibly slim so better to just deal with his sass than to waste the time possibly ruining his life or even just his day.

Last night I had a dream that G and I were renewing our vows at this huge party. My friend Tarah from high school was getting married at the same party and we both wanted everything to be perfect. I needed to have my stuffed animal from childhood with me, just because she had hers with her so I spent half of my dream searching for Kermie. Once I found him, I realized that the party had started and my mom was crying because she wanted Tarah and I to have our own special days, and instead we were sharing them. I wanted to fight Tarah because my mom was so sad but I felt bad because she had a baby and I also hadn't seen her in so long. In the end I had instead pushed the huge cake off of the table and crashed the party. While I'd like to interpret this dream as something really deep, I sadly have to admit that I am pretty sure this all comes from seeing the movie advertisement for Bride Wars like a million times. Yuk.

Bands/artists I need to listen to more often:
1. Elton John
2. Crosby Stills and Nash
3. The Hollies
4. Early Rolling Stones
5. Drive-By Truckers

I'm not sure if the video I tried to post above even works, but if it does then it's the promised recording of snow coming down outside. It is still snowing (it's almost 10 pm here) but it has died down quite a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allie, You cettainly won my Chicken heart with your birth story.

Love you,
Aunt Debbie

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