Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where Have You Been?!


Life is really kicking my butt these days. I started my field observations for school this week so for the next two months I'll be working with a group of 4th graders. It's going really well and I'm having a lot of fun being in a classroom but there's so much to grasp that I feel like my mind is mush. On top of that, Henry got really sick the day after his birthday party and this stupid cold has been hanging on for about two weeks now. I took him to the doctor on Monday and they told me he has a sinus infection AND
tonsillitis. I can't even remember the last time he was this sick. Yesterday,
in between coughs, he'd cry, "No cough! Go away cough!" and then do this pathetic little whimper. My poor guy! Garrison and I have been sleeping about three hours a night because he's up coughing and running a fever and just miserable. Have you ever watched Cinderella at four in the morning while someone coughs and sweats and pees all over you? Not fun! I'll start blogging more when I feel more in control of everything. Hope you guys had a great Valentine's Day! This is what Henry does when I ask him to make the "kissy face":





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