Thursday, February 2, 2012

Potty Playing.

he goes to this rug to pee. wth?

We're just starting this and it's going well, I think. I mean, Henry likes to sit on his potty and he thinks underwear is cool. It's fun for him unless we push it (don't push it!) so we're basically like:

Us: "Want to wear your Batman underwear?"
Henry: "NO!NO!NO!dklfjdsklfjlekjf"
Us: "Um, okay. Calmmmm down. Whatever dude!"

So I guess right now it's more like potty playing and not training. Can I call it that? Gross?

Anyway, potty training kind of rules because right now there is a HUGE bag of M&Ms in the cupboard. And guess what? The supply has to stay stocked and parents don't have to sit on the potty to get one (or 40).
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