Monday, November 21, 2011



We took Henry to the mall to get his photo with Santa! This holiday season has been so fun because Henry's totally intrigued by everything. He's saying, "HOHOHO!" and "SANTA-FROSTY!" every time he sees anything green, red, and white. Christmas is ten times more fun when you have a kid who gets really into it.

Ok so funny, Henry couldn't wait to get on Santa's lap but once he was there he refused to look him in the eye. He'd slowly turn his head to look at Santa and then quickly face forward once he noticed the huge amount of beard all up in his face. This guy's not a totally convincing Santa, I know, but hey this experience was FREE. Like a baby can tell the difference between a legit Santa and the one they hired for $8 an hour anyway.

When Santa asked Henry what he wanted for Christmas he said, "Ball-balls". Got that Santa? Kid wants Ball-Balls.

IMG_3427 IMG_3438


High fivin' Frosty

I love when they make the same face without realizing it <3

My parents are too cheap to let me ride the Christmas train.


Btw, if you want a free Santa photo, we got ours (4x6) at Bass Pro Outlet!
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