Monday, November 14, 2011



Ever since I started grad school, Henry gets two full nights a week with his dad. It's so good for him! I think the one on one time has been so beneficial. I don't know, it's just different when I'm around. Like, he'd only want to climb all over me even though we'd just spent all day together. I'm sick of me after a whole day, you'd think he'd be too. I don't get it. Also, he'd get all upset if Garrison kissed me in front of him and did this thing where he'd call for G and then yell, "NO DANK UM!" (no thank you) once he came into the room. Garrison is an amazing dad and Henry obviously loves him, so why the games?

I was getting kind of worried about how Henry was acting until recently when I noticed a change. I don't know what caused it all to click but it has and it's awesome! Now Henry hears Garrison locking his bike downstairs and he drops everything and runs wild to the door screaming, "DADAAAAA!" He pushes our faces together and makes us kiss, the whole time watching us with huge eyes and this little smirk. He calls "DADA! PAPA!" and then "UP?!" with outstretched arms as G walks up to him.

I love these two <3
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