Thursday, October 11, 2012

On Baby Hair

Ooooooh, these little curls of his! Henry was born completely bald, like no fuzz or anything, and we waited so patiently for his hair to grow. Once it got longer, these ringlets started forming and I was in love. These curls represent his toddlerhood. I love watching them bounce as he runs across the playground and wrapping them around my fingers as he snuggles me before bed. 

Now that his hair is getting longer, Henry is mistaken for a girl 95% of the time. Adults smile at him and say, "Awww, you have such a gorgeous little girl!" or, "Look at her curls!" And one time a kid on the playground said, "Oh...heee-sa boy?!" I've even had complete strangers tell me that I should cut his hair! OKTHANKS. Since when is it ever totally awesome to tell another parent what they should or should not do? And seriously? Did you even look at what my kid is wearing?

 It obviously doesn't bother Henry and I'm getting used to people assuming he's a "she" but it's frustrating to me when people think they know better than I do when it comes to my own kid. I understand people make mistakes. I can think of a couple times I have incorrectly guessed the gender of a stranger's baby. The only difference is, I would never suggest to a stranger that they should dress their kid more girl-ish or give their toddler a haircut. Henry will get a haircut eventually, but until then, I see nothing wrong with keeping these precious curls around for a little bit longer. I don't want to be so quick to rush past these years, time already pushes me faster than I'd like. 

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Jess said...

Word. People are so rude. I've had lots of similar experiences with my daughter. I love it when people who don't have kids give their two cents.

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